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The Top Features of the EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter: A Cruiser's Dream Ride

Introducing the EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter

Are you looking to zoom through city streets with both style and sustainability? The EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter might be your ticket to hassle-free urban commuting. The real sell here is the classic look that refers to the golden age of motorcycling; this electric wonder isn’t just about the aesthetics; it’s a high-performance, tech-savvy ride ready to take you places.

In this post, we’ll unpack the features that make the EZ-11 retro scooter more than just a looker with the tech under the hood and its competitive edge in the growing market of electric personal transportation. Without further ado, buckle up (metaphorically) as we turn the throttle on this EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter review.

A Closer Look at the Features

The EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter showcases modern features packaged in a vintage design that will turn heads.

Performance and Durability

Let’s start with the basics: this scooter is powered by a 500-watt brushless hub motor, providing smooth and quiet propulsion to the rear wheels. This means no fumes, noise pollution, or need for gasoline or oil. With a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour, the speed is ample, but you won’t be a major threat to pedestrians.

But what sets this scooter apart is its range. With a single charge, the EW-11 can cover up to 40 miles—perfect for daily commutes or weekend adventures. When it’s time to recharge, simply plug it into any standard outlet, and you’ll be back on the road in just a few hours.

The Convenience of Storage

One of the standout features of the EW-11 is its ample storage options. The lockable rear compartment provides a secure space for essentials, while the large front basket offers additional room for groceries. Urban commuters often face the challenge of finding space for their belongings, and the EZ Retro has clearly addressed this common pain point.

Let’s not forget the storage available under the seat for personal belongings.

User Experience

The actual test of any vehicle is how well it fits into the user’s lifestyle. For the community of electric scooter enthusiasts and city dwellers, the EW-11 shines in comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

Comfort on the Go

Riding a scooter, especially in an urban environment, can sometimes be associated with bumps and jolts. The EZ Retro, however, provides a surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its ergonomic design, extended padded seat, and shock-absorbing features. Three large 10-inch tires further contribute to stability and safety, making this ride a pleasure even during long commutes.

Note: The extended saddle seat allows an additional passenger for a solid two-person ride. Two fold-out seat pegs provide a landing spot for the added passenger.

Day-to-Day Convenience

The scooter’s twist-throttle acceleration offers an intuitive riding experience. Riders note that the scooter is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, a crucial advantage in crowded city streets. Including a digital dash with the scooter’s telemetrics is a modern touch that offers practicality, ensuring riders can stay informed and connected on the go. Did I mention the EW-11 has an anti-theft alarm system?

Technology and Security

Tech-savvy users will appreciate the remote on/off key fob.

The EZ Retro delivers convenience for those who value technology. The key fob system adds a touch of modernity that blends seamlessly with the scooter’s retro charm, making it a delightful gadget for any urban dweller.

Comparisons in the Market

How does the EW-11 stack up against its competition? In the electric scooter market, where choices are abundant, the EW-11’s extended range puts it on par. While some scooters may offer greater and sometimes dangerous speeds, they often compromise on distance. The EZ Retro strikes a balance, making it suitable for a broader range of users, from daily commuters to weekend joyriders.

Another feature that gives the EW-11 an edge is its classic aesthetic, which stands out among most electric scooters' minimalistic and futuristic designs. It appeals to a niche of users who value timeless style alongside modern functionality.

Sustainability and Commuter Benefits

With the growing emphasis on sustainable living, the EW-11 Electric Scooter contributes to reducing carbon footprints — one ride at a time. Electric scooters are an excellent alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles, particularly for short to medium distances typical in urban areas.

Commuters can not only feel good about their environmental impact but also enjoy savings on fuel costs and the ease of parking in congested cities. The overall cost of ownership is significantly lower than that of a car, making the EZ-11 a compelling option for those looking to streamline their daily travel expenses.


The EW-11 EZ Retro Electric Scooter is more than a stylish nod to the past — it’s a practical solution for modern-day commuting challenges. Focusing on performance, comfort, advanced security, and spacious storage capacity, it ticks all the boxes for urban adventurers and eco-conscious travelers.

The scooter’s unique blend of retro design and cutting-edge technology, alongside the benefits of electric transport, cements its place as a top contender in the electric scooter market. What’s more, it costs a pocket-pleasing $2,949. If you’re in the market for an electric scooter that embodies heritage and high functionality, the EZ-11 is worth exploring further.

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