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The Storm 300+ is the Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor in the World

Evoy Introduces us to Speed and Efficiency on the Open Water

Norwegian electric marine drive startup Evoy has made good on its promise to provide more power — much more power. The all-new Storm 300+ is a big, brawny outboard motor with over 300 horsepower of continuous power, making it the world's most powerful electric outboard motor. And two boatbuilders have already lined up to incorporate the Storm into innovative vessels. Let’s take a closer look at this impressive new engine.

What Makes the Storm 300+ So Impressive? The Storm 300+ is powered by four liquid-cooled permanent magnet motors that combine to deliver 306 hp of continuous power and up to 500 hp peak power output. Depending on the hull size and design of the boat you install this on, you may get 50 knots (57mph)of speed out of the Storm.

It also features an advanced battery pack that boasts energy density and charging speed (it can be charged from 0–80% in just 45 minutes) provided you opt for their fast charge option. Plus, it’s equipped with various intelligent features, including GPS-integrated navigation, automated diagnostics, and real-time data streaming.

The Storm 300+ boasts an impressive level of efficiency. It uses as much as 40% less energy than comparable conventional engines and has a maximum efficiency rating of 95%. This translates into savings for boat owners over time; who doesn’t want to save money on fuel costs?

What Can One Expect to Pay For the Storm 300+? The Storm starts at $74,900 Euros (nearly $80,000) and will quickly climb depending on your sized battery.

Speaking of the battery, Evoy has three available offerings starting Normal ($85,100 ), Long ($170,584), and Extra Long ($255,300). The Extra Long battery will take the range up to 110 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 25 knots (28.76mph). Included in the configurator is a 10" TFT display to show you the pertinent functions of the motor:

The buyer can upgrade to a single ($1,700) or dual-screen 16" TFT display ($6,000)for even more functionality.

How Reliable are Electric Motors? In Evoy’s own words:

Electric propulsion systems are highly reliable. The reason for this is the simplicity of an electric motor linked to our marine electric management system. Simply put, our system has four moving parts, whilst on average, a combustion engine has over 2000 parts.

Boatbuilders Get On Board With the Storm 300+ The response to Evoy’s Storm 300+ has been overwhelmingly positive — so much so that two boatbuilders have already signed on to incorporate the engine into their vessels. Swedish boatbuilder Nimbus Boats AB will use it in its 31-ft Nimbus eFusion commuter craft, while Dutch builder Marex Boats BV will put it in its 25-ft Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser. Both boats are expected to hit the market later this year.

Conclusion: The world’s first truly powerful electric outboard motor is here, or it will be in the second quarter of 2023. With over 306 hp of continuous power, Evoy’s Storm 300+ is set to revolutionize boating for outdoor lovers and water enthusiasts everywhere. Boat owners will benefit from significant fuel savings while enjoying an advanced battery pack with fast charging times and intelligent features like GPS navigation and real-time data streaming.

Not to worry, as Evoy is not resting on its laurels. They already have their sights set on a 400hp offering for 2024 called the Hurricane, but that is for another day. For now, the Storm 300+ is their pride and joy. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to get out on the water this summer, look no further than Evoy’s world-class electric marine drive system!


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