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The Ryvid Anthem: Electric Motorcycles Take the Forefront

Electric Mobility Steps It Up

Move over cars; there’s a new eco-friendly vehicle in town! California-based company Ryvid has recently announced the launch of the Anthem series of personal electric motorcycles. It’s time to take electric mobility to a new level — say hello to simplistic motorcycling! Let’s dive into what makes this series so unique.

Ryvid’s Unique Vision for Electric Mobility Most big EV companies have been focusing on creating electric cars. But Ryvid's focus has been on personal EVs, which they believe can be an even bigger market in the world of mobility. With their new Anthem product launch, they are taking on the industry one motorcycle at a time! The Anthem is an electric motorcycle with a minimalist, aerospace-inspired frame design and very low watt-per-mile highway capability. It offers riders the perfect combination of power and performance without compromising sustainability. The Design Behind The Anthem Series The team at Ryvid wanted to create something special with the Anthem series. So they designed it from scratch, using aerospace-grade materials and components, stainless steel chassis, and powerful lithium-ion batteries. This makes it lightweight, responsive, and easy to handle, and it also ensures that it meets all safety regulations for road use. Additionally, its aerodynamic design helps reduce drag as you ride at high speeds on highways or city streets.

One welcome feature is the adjustable 4" seat height to accommodate a range of riders and differing sizes.

The 4.9" TFT display makes it easy to see the vehicles information in bright sunlight:

The vehicle will exceed 75 mph (120km/h), making it highway worthy with plenty of zip off the standstill. The bike has a 4.3 kWh removable battery making it highly convenient to do a quick swap or take it inside for a recharge. You can expect to recharge in 6 hours at 110v. You can cut this down to three hours when charged at 220v. When running in ECO mode, the expected range is close to 75 miles, but you can expect closer to 50 when in Sport mode. The range will fall in between if you utilize the bike’s regenerative braking capabilities. The Future Is Now: If you want to get your hands on the latest piece of sustainable technology, then you’re in luck — the Anthem Launch Series will be available for delivery by Summer 2023 with an estimated 1000 units. These units are available for $7,800, and each chassis will be numbered off the line.

Conclusion: Ryvid has made waves in the world of mobility with its innovative design for personal electric motorcycles that offer power and performance without sacrificing sustainability. Their unique vision has made them pioneers in their field, and now they are offering us a chance to join them. With the launch and post-launch preorders available for delivery in 2023, you can join Ryvid on its mission while still enjoying all that motorcycling has to offer. Don’t miss out — ride free with Ryvid today!


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