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"The Scotsman is the World's First 3D Printed Electric Scooter

The Scotsman Electric Scooter is a 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Creation

Electric scooters have taken the world by storm, with many people opting for them as a convenient mode of transportation. And while most offer similar features, it's rare to find one that combines design, performance, and functionality like the Scotsman. As someone from a "Custom" industry, you can bet the cost will reflect it. This scooter is made mainly of carbon fiber, boasts advanced customization options, and is 3D printed for each order. If you're looking for a unique and cutting-edge scooter, the Scotsman is what you need, but will it ever come to fruition?

Carbon Fiber Unparalleled Strength: Carbon fiber is a remarkable material with unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios and stiffness. This makes it an ideal choice for the frame and deck of the Scotsman scooter. Carbon fiber makes the scooter structurally sound, lightweight, and durable. Furthermore, carbon fiber has a unique aesthetic that gives the scooter a sleek and modern appearance.

3D Printed for Customization: One of the most exciting features of the Scotsman electric scooter is that it's entirely 3D printed. This means that the scooter can be customized to suit individual preferences. The manufacturer uses additive manufacturing technology to print the parts layer by layer. You provide the company with your biometrics, which include the following:




Foot Length:

Shoulder Width:


Scotsman will then tailor the scooter to your specifications. This allows you to choose from seven colors, and the company will custom print the handlebars, stem, and body to fit you accordingly. Ultimately, this makes the scooter lighter with carbon fiber and gives the scooter a boost in range. The average weight of the custom-printed scooter is less than 45 pounds.

Impressive Performance: The Scotsman is powered by a dual motor (2x1000W) system, which offers a top speed of 45mph and can climb inclines of up to 27 degrees (50%). The scooter's range can vary depending on the rider's size and how heavy you are on the throttle. With three ride modes (Eco, Sport, and Performance), you have your pick of power at the push of a button. To extend the scooter's range, ensure the Eco mode is selected, and the company states you can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge, thanks to the 720 Wh battery. The Scotsman also features lights, a horn, a rearview mirror, and a license plate holder.

How about a digital display that shows the scooter telemetrics?

The rider can see battery strength, scooter speed, and turn-by-turn navigation from here. Couple this with including a 1080P dashcam, making the experience more surreal.

As mentioned, it comes in at less than 45 lbs, which can be carried, rolled, and stowed easily.

Safety Features: Safety is always a top priority, and the Scotsman scooter has numerous features that ensure it's safe and fun to ride. In addition to regenerative braking (Expect to put power back into the battery during stops), the scooter features a rear disc brake, which provides the necessary stopping power when needed. The scooter also has LED lights, reflectors, and a horn for visibility. Furthermore, the handlebars have a comfortable grip, ensuring you maintain control of the scooter.

Environmental Responsibility: Finally, the Scotsman is an environmentally friendly scooter that reduces your carbon footprint. It's powered by an electric motor that emits no emissions, making it an eco-friendly commuting choice. Additionally, using carbon fiber ensures that the scooter is durable and long-lasting, reducing the need to replace it frequently.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Scotsman is an excellent choice if you're looking for a unique and cutting-edge electric scooter. Its use of carbon fiber for unparalleled strength, lightweight, and customization possibilities through 3D printing makes it a real game-changer. In addition, the scooter has impressive performance, numerous safety features, and a minimal environmental footprint. You get all of the above as described for $3,999, which includes an 11% discount. This is okay for the world's first all-carbon fiber, custom 3D-printed electric scooter.

So, back to my earlier question, "Will the Scotsman ever come to fruition? The California-based company showed promise in 2021 with several articles praising them for such a feature-packed, custom scooter. The problem with customization is that scale-up becomes incredibly hard. The company mentioned they had a "robust" supply chain for all components to produce these scooters, but are they too custom and feature-rich? Only time will tell if this company can deliver on such an exciting ride. As an interested consumer, I will continue to monitor this company in the months ahead.


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