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"Vespa" Has Gone Electric!

Another Zero Emissions Form of Transportation!

In this day and age, electricity is becoming more commonplace in just about all forms of transportation. Gas prices and never-ending inflation have made this option more and more appealing. So appealing that Vespa, a Piaggio Group Company, has jumped on the battery-powered moped bandwagon in the form of their Elettrica model.

The history of Vespa goes back as far as World War II and the need for an affordable means of travel. As stated on

The first vehicle was created from spare aircraft parts that were actual pieces of landing gears from Mussolini’s airplanes. It was designed by Corradino D’Ascanio. Because of the unique design, especially the front handle bars, and its sound, it was named Vespa, the Italian word for wasp.

The wasp-like sound is anything but in the new Elettrica. The latest claim to fame with this model is “super-silence.” Gone is the sound Vespa was famous for. Now the company is promoting listening to the sounds of nature as you traverse farmland roads. Also gone is the push for affordable, but more on style and luxury. Don’t expect today's Vespa model to be the low-cost scooter of yesteryear. They need to be able to pay celebrity endorsers like Justin Bieber.

The Elettrica is equipped with a 4.3" infotainment display screen which will correspond with your phone's Vespa application through Bluetooth.

The display will show you the battery strength, speed, and outdoor temperature. You will also be able to check messages, activate voice commands, answer phone calls and stream your favorite music.

Also of note is the regenerative battery charging based on the efficient Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This Vespa will recharge during the deceleration of the scooter.

The Elettrica comes in at a healthy 287 lbs in weight, including the battery but not any additional cargo. The charging cable is under the seat, making recharging this scooter relatively easy. The unit will charge within 4 hours based on 220 volts. The average range is about 50 miles based on running the vehicle in power mode. Expect more range if you run this unit strictly in the economy mode, which dials down the Elettrica to 70% power.

There are two specific models available based on their speed capability. The Elettrica 45/kmh (30mph) and the Elettrica 70/kmh (45mph). You are looking at a price difference of roughly $450 based on $7499 and $7949, respectively. I hope you splurge and opt for the faster unit for the slight price increase! If you are inclined, you can also purchase it in red (pictured).


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