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The Matic Robot Vacuum/Mop Makes Life Easier

This is The Future of Cleaning: Matic the Robot Vacuum/Mop

Cleaning your home is a tedious yet necessary task. For years, the vacuum cleaner was the go-to appliance for busy homeowners. But what if I told you a new automated cleaning device is waiting to invade your home? This new device is Matic — the autonomous robot vacuum designed to pick up the slack of previous models. Matic is the latest product of former Google engineers who made a name for themselves with the Nest smart thermostat. Let's dive deeper into what makes Matic the future of cleaning.

One of the most fascinating things about Matic is its design. Instead of traditional sensors, it uses five RGB cameras to maneuver through living spaces, allowing it to see every detail in your home. It can distinguish between objects, decipher between children's toys and their messes, and detect floor surfaces. All this is done in real-time with less wear and tear on surrounding furniture. Gone are the days of vacuums relying on Lidar and bumper sensors. The imaging technology helps with cleaning and acts as a home monitor. Rest assured, you won't miss that dropped cup of coffee, suck up that errant cable, or slip on your kid's legos anymore.

The Matic Robot Vacuum/Mop design offers users versatility in cleaning. It comes equipped with a dual cleaning system that can handle wet and dry jobs, a unique feature that previous models don't have. The robot vacuum automatically switches between cleaning modes depending on the task, saving you time and hassle.

With the onboard 600ml water tank, the Matic can effectively mop a 1300sq ft room without having to be refilled. The onboard battery is strong enough to complete a 2.5-hour vacuum service or a 3-hour mopping task. When the unit approaches empty, it will return to the base for a recharge.

Additionally, Matic is intuitive and responds to voice and gesture commands. During a cleaning cycle, you can verbally or visually direct Matic to a mess that needs immediate attention. Couple this ability with in-app scheduling, and you can schedule a cleaning session at any time convenient.

One of the most significant advantages of Matic is its security measures. Unlike previous versions, Matic's data is stored locally, meaning there's no cloud component. This feature provides added security and safety to users since all data is kept private, and there's zero risk of data breaches. Users no longer have to worry about their data ending up on the internet, where cybercriminals could access it.

Matic is an exciting and innovative product that could revolutionize how we clean our homes. It offers a refreshing change to previous models, making tedious tasks more time-efficient. With its flexible cleaning system, intuitive features, and local data storage, it's no wonder Matic is quickly becoming the future of cleaning.


In the world of technology, it's exciting to see inventors develop innovative products that can make our lives easier, and Matic is no exception. Its remarkable features — software, imaging technology, and data security — make dusty home surfaces no match for Matic's versatile cleaning system. Matic promises to do all this quietly and at less than the volume of an average conversation (Although I typically have my Roomba clean when no one is home).

I like the idea of a real-time device that reduces bumping throughout the home. Roomba relies heavily on bumping walls before changing direction. (This has hurt our mould trim and baseboards). Matic promises to rectify this.

Matic also can switch between mopping and vacuuming during an average cleaning session. I am anxious to see how this works in the real world. One thing that could be a negative is the actual height of the Matic at 7.8" high, which is significantly taller than a Roomba. I have come to rely on the Roomba for a great under-the-bed and furniture vacuum. I am not sure the Matic is short enough to complete this task.

Let's talk about price and availability. There is a lot to be impressed about with the Matic, but the cost is steep at just under $1,800. If you order before 12/31, there is an instant 300-dollar savings, bringing the price to a more manageable $1,495, which is still a tough pill to swallow. A $1,500 vacuum is not always the first thing on most consumer's lists. The company hopes to make its first deliveries at the beginning of Spring, so there is that to contend with.

In either case, it's an impressive product that showcases innovation and creativity. It's no secret that hybrid robot vacuum cleaners/mops are the future of cleaning, and with the Matic in place, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we leave the task behind and spend more time with our family. Matic is here to make cleaning easier for us all, one surface at a time.


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