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The Manul- The Four-Wheeled Electric Vehicle for Wheelchair Users

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Manul 4x4 Electric Handquad: An Electric Vehicle Empowering Wheelchair Users in the Great Outdoors

Mountain biking, off-roading, and exploring challenging terrains are just a few activities that many physically abled people enjoy. However, for many wheelchair users, these activities remain a pipe dream, as they can be pretty limited in their options for recreational activities. That's where the Manul 4x4 Handquad electric vehicle comes in. Tretzeug GMBH, a Germany-based manufacturer, wanted a device to bring an adventurous experience to wheelchair users and empower them to explore the great outdoors. This blog post will explore the Manul 4x4 Handquad, its features, and why it's a game-changer for people with disabilities.

The Manul electric vehicle is an innovative device that enables people with disabilities to ride in multi-terrain environments similar to mountain biking or off-roading. With its four-wheel-drive system, it can easily climb steep hills (up to 40% incline)and navigate through rocky terrains.

The device is powered by a 250W electric motor, which can provide a significant assistive boost to its operator. The Manul can achieve a maximum speed of 25km/h (16mph), making the four-wheeler an excellent companion on and off-road. While the range has not been defined, knowing it will have dual battery (36V-20ah) capability makes it ideal for extended outdoor adventures.

One of the unique features of the Manul 4x4 Handquad is its accessibility. The device's design is intuitive and straightforward, allowing wheelchair users to transfer to it easily and transport their wheelchair on the Handquad.

It also has a strong yet lightweight chassis, making it ideal for travel. The device has a smaller footprint (less than 2.6 feet wide), making it easy to transport in most vehicles and through most doors.

The Manul 4x4 Handquad can handle various terrains and weather conditions. It has four large wheels with high-traction tires that can grip through mud, snow, and loose sand. It also has a built-in suspension system, effectively absorbing impact and vibration. Moreover, it has an adjustable seat height, enabling its operator to switch positions providing a better view of the surroundings.

Another great feature of the Manul 4x4 Handquad is its customization capability. The company's master builders can configure the vehicle to suit its operator's specific needs and preferences. Moreover, it can accommodate different seat types and sizes, providing a comfortable fit for its users.


The Manul 4x4 Handquad is a fantastic device that allows wheelchair users to explore the great outdoors and experience a sense of adventure. It's functional and customizable, making it ideal for users with different preferences and needs. Potentially, consumers can pre-order these soon with a starting price exceeding $17,000, with a possible delivery in the second quarter of 2024.

The Manul's all-terrain capabilities and endurance make it great for outdoor enthusiasts or people looking to explore new terrain. The Manul 4x4 Handquad is an example of technology embracing accessibility and providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in activities that were once deemed impossible. With devices like the Manul 4x4 Handquad, we can break down barriers for people with disabilities and empower them to lead fulfilling and adventurous lives.


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