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The Lightship L1 Electric Caravan Luxury Camper is Next Level!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The Lightship L1 Electric Caravan Will Enhance and Prolong Your Luxury Camper Experience

Have you ever seen something so unique, stylish, and out of the ordinary that you can’t help but be drawn in? That’s precisely what the Lightship L1 Electric Caravan luxury camper evokes when you gaze upon it. It’s a box of glass that transforms from an aerodynamic trailer while being towed into a tall camper that sleeps up to six people while stationary. This expensive vehicle costs well over $120,000 and looks nothing like the rest of the RV industry, dominated by walls of dull white plastic (Of course, this is subjective). It’s the first step in Lightship’s mission to help bring electrification to diesel-loving recreational vehicles. Let’s take a closer look!

The Design The co-founders Ben Parker and Toby Kraus took great care in designing a vehicle focused on aerodynamics. Unsurprisingly, the company's plethora of experience comes from electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla and Rivian. You can see this in the overall streamlined body construction in this picture of the L1 towing behind a pickup. It is 6' 9" in total height when in tow mode.

Lightship spent thousands of hours in a virtual wind tunnel, ensuring the tow behind L1 Electric Caravan luxury camper was a road-worthy specimen. Its sleek yet thoughtful design can be seen from all angles.

Power Features The L1 electric Caravan is a power-producing generator starting with integrated solar panels. There are two additional fold-out solar awnings to increase your solar capacity by 50% while providing shade.

Based on how sunny it is throughout the day, the included solar panels will generate up to 3kW of power, with the onboard batteries capable of storing up to 80kWh of energy onboard. The L1 will allow you to camp off-grid for up to 7 days. The Caravan can be a backup power generator for your home or electric vehicle when not used for camping. Making the L1 even more roadworthy is the possibility of using the onboard propulsion system.

An electric drive motor and the aerodynamic vehicle body combine for assisted, low-drag towing. The company promises near-zero range loss to your EV (electric) or better mileage for your ICE (gas) vehicle. If your electric car has a 300-mile range, it will remain a 300-mile range vehicle. If your gas guzzler achieves 25mpg, it will remain 25mpg. Essentially, they have alleviated one of the significant concerns with towing trailers with electric cars.

Interior Features

When in camp mode, the Lightship L1 electric caravan can extend to an interior height of 7' 6", accommodating even the tallest camper. The seating situation can be easily configured to sleep six people comfortably.

The Bathroom is well-sized and a wet room with a shower and sink. You will find this located at the rear.

How about a kitchenette with an oven, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and even an induction cooktop?

Plus, it has plenty of storage space for your camping supplies; this includes two large closets and multiple cabinets.

Ensuring you are never far from the outdoors, there is no shortage of panoramic windows throughout the L1, allowing natural light to fill the interior.

The rear window doubles as an outdoor lounge area providing panoramic scenery views while stationary or during travel.

The Benefits It’s no secret that traditional RVs are heavy fuel guzzlers due to their size and weight, which makes them expensive to operate over long distances. The Lightship L1 electric caravan solves this issue entirely by providing an efficient means for powering up during your travels without relying on noisy diesel engines or expensive fuel costs — all while being assisted with renewable energy from its roof-mounted solar panels! Additionally, because it is self-propelled compared to other RVs, it allows you to tow it easily behind smaller vehicles, such as SUVs or minivans, without sacrificing performance or comfort along the way!

Conclusion: After a closer look at what the Lightship L1 electric caravan offers, it makes sense why it would eclipse the starting $120,000 mark. It provides all the amenities needed for comfortable camping trips. Thanks to its electric powertrain, it significantly reduces electric vehicle costs and excessive stops — making it ideal for early adopters looking for efficient green transportation solutions without compromising on style or comfort!

If you’re looking for something different from traditional RVs, this could be just what you need! You can expect more details on this innovation in the months ahead as the company dials in the specifications. The anticipated production time frame looks to be late 2024, with reservations being taken here.


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