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"The Hurricane" An Electric Skateboard With an Imposing Name!

Meepo Ventures Into the Higher Cost Electric Skateboard Market!

I have written several articles on transportation, including automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, aircraft, and even unicycles. I wanted to write about a skateboard for this article, but where to start? With names like Tornado, Breeze, Flex, and Riot, I settled upon the MEEPO Hurricane electric skateboard. Overall, it seemed to check all the right boxes regarding features and benefits, and more importantly, it is very well received in the marketplace.

Meepo had a pretty interesting backstory as I looked further into them. This particular company was founded by Kieran Mao, a degreed Mechanical Engineer in China who started selling affordable boards online in 2017. Platforms like Reddit and Youtube were his sounding boards, and he made videos of his endeavors to create a reliable yet affordable electric skateboard.

Most electric skateboards at the time were in the $1000 to $1500 range, and Kieran began marketing the Meepo $250 alternative. He focused on providing low-cost and reliable skateboards and slowly grew the Meepo brand organically, with most of his sales coming from the US. (added note: The Meepo name is based on a character from a 2013 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game called DotA)

Here we are several years later, and Meepo is still selling the low-cost, high-quality boards, but the irony here is this article is about a $1500 board. This was the very price point Kieran sold against! The difference is the Meepo Hurricane would blow away all of the original competition (No pun intended)!

Buying the Meepo Hurricane means spending $1499 for this all-terrain skateboard, so let’s dive into the features of a higher-cost, multi-feature board.

You get the game-changing 155mm or 175mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels right out of the box. These wheels are meant for all sorts of road requirements making the riding experience as smooth as possible for the rider. From what I gather, they have effectively reduced rider fatigue, making the rides more enjoyable and effectively longer. I would imagine most riders would use these on their daily off-road adventures. If you have the same roads we do in the Midwest with potholes, these would be the wheels for you!

Also included are 90mm street wheels that most typical street skateboarders are accustomed to. Most of Meepo’s testing was done with these 90mm street wheels to achieve the most extended range and fastest speed.

I mentioned the longest range and fastest speed could be achieved with the 90mm wheels. As advertised, this skateboard, or e-skate, has a maximum 44-mile range that will vary depending on how hard and fast you ride this board. With the 90mm wheels, this board has a top speed of 35 mph in its fastest speed settings.

By the way, it is equipped with four-speed modes, so you can contain the speed or max it out to experience the torque. This is all done with the included speed controller, which will undoubtedly become your best friend during these rides. Keep in mind that this device will do all of the braking and throttling.

There are two significant upgrades to the hurricane, which allow for it to shine with the long-range and 35 mph maximum speed. We can start with the dual 165Kv BLDC motors. These will deliver 3500x2 watts of continuous power, ensuring no hesitation in your ride.

The second major upgrade is the 726Wh battery pack housed in solid aluminum and stored beneath the T700 Carbon Fiber Deck. To say this is built like a tank would be an understatement. The company states a car could drive over the unit, and the board and battery would be unaffected. (I wouldn’t chance it, though). The entire board is ip67 rated, so you can ride this in all sorts of weather and feel confident it is well sealed.

The Hurricane has a 50.4V/6.5A charger to keep your battery topped off. With this included fast charger, you can expect a full charge within 3 hours.

It is also important to note that Meepo made the Hurricane with standard components. Ultimately this will allow the rider to customize the board to their liking. You can use any wheel with the correct pulley system.

Final Thoughts

This board clocks in at over 33 pounds, so as far as portability goes, expect it to be quite heavy if you carry it for long stretches. This is to be expected for any electric means of transportation with a large battery, large motor, and robust carbon fiber construction. This board was made to last and withstand any terrain you throw at it (Save for sand). Portability was the least of Meebo’s concerns as the product will roll to most locations.

The price at $1499 is pretty steep, but considering the other higher-end options in the marketplace… the Hurricane is a steal! Including all-terrain and street wheels along with the T-tool to remove them is a bonus. The premium build quality, the high-performance battery, and the high-powered motors are features to make any rider salivate. Making easy work of 46% slopes on a 4-wheeled skateboard seems crazy! After researching this skateboard, I would have trouble justifying a less expensive option.


This board trucks along much faster than most Class III electric bikes out on the market. I can’t stress this enough as someone who has recently experienced my own wipe-out! You must wear the proper gear when riding these beasts! Start with a solid helmet and finish out with adequate body armor and gloves, especially when riding at higher speeds. It’s all fun until it isn’t. Stay safe, and enjoy the ride!


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