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The Globe Haul ST is the Latest Pedelec Cargo Bike to Come to Market

Updated: May 3, 2023

Specialized Resurrects Their Pedelec Globe Brand

Specialized, the world-renowned bike company based in Morgan Hill, California, has done it again by announcing the revival of its defunct Globe brand for an all-new lineup of e-bikes. One of the latest models designed for the brand is an e-bike that can carry cargo efficiently. Since they announced the 9-Speed Globe Haul ST, the biking world can’t wait to witness and experience the Globe brand’s next level of innovation.

Pedelec cargo bikes have become increasingly popular, and Specialized recognizes the growing need for a reliable and functional e-bike with cargo-carrying capabilities. According to Myles Kanipes, the Vice President of Specialized’s Global Product, “When we looked at the market, we noticed there wasn’t a lot of bikes made for carrying cargo, especially with an electric motor. So, we decided to create an e-bike that could handle anything from your heavy grocery bags to a big cooler of ice-cold drinks.”

The new Globe e-bike’s design allows for maximum capacity for all sorts of cargo. The rear wheel and motor are precisely placed to balance the weight of the load during transport. Moreover, its step-through design and technical features give it power and efficiency so that cyclists can carry more than just themselves.

The rear hub motor is powerful enough with 700w powered by a 772 Wh battery. This combination will get you up to 60 miles of range based on how heavy you are on the throttle.

The 772 Wh battery is both removable and lockable to ensure it can be easily recharged and affixed in place.

Not to be forgotten is the handlebar control which displays the speed, battery strength, and five levels of pedal assist in getting you up the steepest inclines.

The Globe e-bike has an added feature, an app that can track and monitor the motor, battery status, and journey tracking. This app provides information and is compatible with the bike’s user interface to provide a seamless user experience. According to Kanipes, “We wanted to make sure we could do more with this app than just report on speed and distance traveled. We wanted to give the user a more immersive experience while riding.”

Specialized focused on pursuing excellent customer service with this bike, where consumers can access a warranty with their purchase. According to Kanipes, “The bike industry is changing, and we are looking to meet the changing needs of our customers with the Globe e-bike. It has a 2-year warranty, ensuring trouble-free use of the bike for a longer period.”

The starting price of one of these bikes is $2,700, which you can be sure will balloon once the user gets a look at the available bike accessories. This would include the passenger setup pictured above (added seat cushion, passenger handle, wheel cover, and foot pegs).


Specialized’s innovative approach in creating an all-new Globe lineup of pedelec e-bikes will surely change the cycling industry. The Globe Haul ST e-bike, with its cargo-carrying capabilities and robust features, especially its app, is the epitome of functional e-bike design. The Globe e-bike’s extended warranty is an excellent addition and speaks volumes about Specialized’s commitment to excellent customer service. It’s exciting to see how this brand will continue to innovate and create groundbreaking e-bikes that bikers will genuinely need and appreciate.


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