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The Future of Boating Looks Like the Solar Sal 24 Solar Boat

The Solar Sal 24: A 24-Foot Boat Can Run All Day on Solar

Have you ever imagined a world where boats no longer need fuel? Where you can sail infinitely as long as the sun continues to shine? Well, the future is here — and it comes in the form of the Solar Sal 24. Manufactured by Belmont Boatworks in Maine, this electric cuddy cabin boat has been proudly given the wave-making designation as the "first 100% solar US Coast Guard-inspected passenger vessel." This post will discuss everything you need to know about the Solar Sal 24, from its electric motor and rechargeable batteries to the impressive solar panels. Let's unravel this extraordinary boat's features and learn how it's setting an example for an environmentally sustainable future on the water.

The Solar Sal 24 is a 24 ft (7.3 meters) electric boat built to carry passengers in style and comfort while running solely on solar power. Unlike traditional boats that require gallons of gasoline, the Solar Sal 24 only needs to be charged using the sun's energy. It's equipped with an electric motor powered by batteries recharged by 1440 watts of solar panels. Thanks to its impressive canopy, which spans its entire length and supports four 360W solar panels. These features allow the Solar Sal 24 to sail endlessly on the water, provided the sun is shining.

Apart from the impressive use of solar panels, the boat is equipped with the Torqueedo Cruise 3.0 (3000W input power) outboard motor.

The Cruise 3.0 can propel up to a 3-ton boat at 6 knots (7mph). The average cruising speed is 4 to 5 knots, and it can operate all day at this speed with sunshine, drawing no power from the batteries. So the next question is, can you use it at night? The Solar Sal 24 has (4) onboard lithium batteries with 14,000-watt-hour capacity. This will give you 4 hours at 6 knots or 24 miles of range. You can extend this to 9 hours at 5 knots or 45 miles of range. If you drop the speed to 4 knots, you get a crazy 24 hours of battery time with a range of 100 miles. Hopefully, by then, the sun will be back in the picture.

The Solar Sal 24 is also an incredibly comfortable and practical boat. The cuddy cabin design provides a cozy yet small sleeping shelter/bathroom.

The other modern amenities, including USB chargers, a table with cupholders, and running and overhead lights, must be remembered to ensure that passengers have all the necessities.

It's the perfect boat for individuals, families, or groups of adults (up to 10) who want to enjoy the water and contribute to a sustainable future.

Another standout feature is the Solar Sal 24's environmental impact. As fewer boats switch to electric power, the Solar Sal 24 sets an incredible example of sustainable boating. As an eco-friendly boat, the Solar Sal 24 provides a silent, zero-emission ride, which is sustainable for the environment.

The Solar Sal 24 comprises high-quality fiberglass, making it durable yet low-maintenance. You can expect a starting price of $135,000 for one of these beauties with possible add-on options like a window enclosure, a 9" Chartplotter and transducer, or even a trailer.

Conclusion and takeaways:

The Solar Sal 24 is the perfect example of the future of boating- sustainable, quiet, and efficient. The real standout is its impressive solar panels. The possibility of cruising all day, albeit at only a speed of 4 to 5 miles per hour, is highly appealing. Even more appealing is this is done using only the sun's power. If you aren’t in a rush to get anywhere, this is the way to travel.

With the eco-friendly features and modern amenities, it's easy to see why boaters are excited about this electric boat. This innovative boat represents a significant shift in the marine industry, where boaters can enjoy the beauty of the water without causing any harm to the environment. It's a boat that sets an incredible standard for environmentally sustainable practices, and I can't wait to see what other advancements the future holds for electric boats.


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