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The OXFO OX1 is an Electric Fold and Roll Bike For Urban Travel

The OX1 is an Incredibly Small Folding and Roll Electric Bike That Will Change Your Daily Commute!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably struggled with finding the perfect electric bike for your daily commute or outdoor adventures. When I first started my search for an electric bike, I thought I had found the perfect model, but boy was I mistaken! The bike I bought was heavy, cumbersome, and didn’t fulfill my desires for portability and convenience. I can count on one hand how many times I have folded it up and placed it in the boot of my car. So when a bike like the OXFO 0X1 electric bike comes along, my interest is immediately piqued. With its revolutionary design, portability, and powerful electric motor, it’s the perfect bike for your daily needs. In this blog post, we will look further at the OXFO 0X1 and why it’s an excellent choice for cycling enthusiasts, commuters, bikers, and early adopters.

The OXFO 0X1 is a game-changer in the world of electric bikes. Unlike other models that have clunky parts, the OXFO 0X1 has a sleek, patented, unibody design that is both simple and refined. It’s also lightweight, making it easier to transport and fold. But what really sets the OXFO 0X1 apart is its hidden cables — no one will ever know it’s an electric bike. This design makes it both stylish and inconspicuous, perfect for all your outdoor activities and daily commutes.

But the OXFO 0X1 is more than just a pretty bike. It’s also powerful for a bike of this size. The bike features a powerful 250W electric motor that can reach speeds of up to 25km/h. It also has a range of up to 135 km (84 miles), meaning you can go further for longer. All this is possible with the 7-ah Samsung battery located in the seat post. Depending on how often and how far you ride the bike, perhaps you can limit the number of charges to once a week.

The OX1 fold and roll bike is easy to operate and has an LCD screen that displays all the necessary information, such as speed, range, and battery life. The OXFO 0X1 also has four levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose the right level of assistance for your needs.

The feature that really makes the OXFO 0X1 incredibly convenient is its portability and size. The bike can be easily folded and placed into the car, and its small size means it’s perfect for crowded city streets. If you’re someone who likes to explore new places, the 4+2 travel combination will allow you to take your bike with you wherever you go.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about locking it up as it will roll with you just about anywhere. It can be conveyed by using the seat or the extended handle (depending on your height). The frame itself is semi-carbon (a carbon-magnesium blend), bringing the total weight to 14 kg (31 lbs); lifting it shouldn’t be too much of a stress.

Earlier, I mentioned the price, and one thing is for certain it comes in at the higher side of $1,775 USD, but it is feature-rich. The OXFO is lightweight, but it is also belt-driven. Gone are the grease-laden, chain-drive system and the headaches of keeping it maintained. I can assure you my next electric bike will be a belt-drive system.

OXFO has paired up its 250W motor with a torque sensor. The torque sensor is a welcome addition found on higher-end bikes to ensure smooth and immediate power assistance through all levels of pedal assist.

Even more surprising was the inclusion of a rear shock absorber. Given the rider's weight is focused near the rear of the bike, OXFO has outdone itself with this outstanding and welcome feature.

Safety is still a concern, so it is important the bike is capable when needing to make quick stops. The OXFO includes hydraulic brakes on its bike, another premium feature. Combine this with the included front and rear lights, and you have a premium bike with the right amount of safety.


If you’re in the market for a new electric bike, the OXFO 0X1 checks many of the required boxes. It’s a game-changer in the world of electric bikes with its revolutionary design, extreme portability, and powerful electric battery and motor. With its hidden cables, nobody will know it’s an electric bike, making it both stylish and inconspicuous. And with its lightweight design, it’s easy to transport and fold. So why wait? Get your own OXFO 0X1 electric bike today and change how you commute and explore the outdoors!



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