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The Electric Maverick GT SKI is the "World's Smallest Yacht"

T3mp3st Introduces the Most Advanced Watercraft Yet

A closer look at the electric Maverick GT watercraft.
Maverick GT (media by T3mp3st)

T3mp3st, an electric luxury sports craft company headquartered in Silicon Valley, has handcrafted the most advanced watercraft in the world for mega yacht owners and special operators. Their latest watercraft is the Maverick GT SKI.

What makes the Maverick GT SKI so unique? First and foremost, it’s electric, as demonstrated by the robust 100kWh +/- battery housed within this beast. To put this into perspective, the average house uses 30kWh/day. The Maverick’s battery could power the typical household for over three days. How does that translate to a heart-pounding ride out on the open water? How about a possible 4-hour runtime? Don’t worry; to get you back on the water after bleeding the battery dry, the company has included Level 3 charging, bringing the craft from 0% to 80% charge within 1 hour.

Being electric brings other advantages meaning that it’s much quieter than traditional gas-powered watercraft, making it perfect for sneaking up on fish or getting close to wildlife. You can do this with up to three passengers, provided your group isn’t a boisterous bunch.

It also doesn’t produce harmful emissions, so you can feel good about using it without harming the environment.

From there, it is all about power. This dynamo has a 550hp electric engine capable of hitting speeds over 70mph. With an engine this powerful, you can expect enough torque to tackle nearly 100-foot waves.

A closer look at  100 foot waves in the ocean
100ft Waves (media by JC)

The Maverick GT hull comprises high-strength carbon fiber, ensuring this watercraft’s resilience and beautiful outward appearance.

T3mp3st didn’t stop there with the Maverick, as it can also convert into a boat by attaching to a custom-designed RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). Increasing the size means decreasing the speed, but not by too much. This RIB can still achieve 45 knots (nearly 52 mph). With the RIB in place, it boasts an increase in runtime to 8 hours and the ability to carry up to 8 passengers. Again, with level 3 charging, you can obtain an 80% charge on the included 200kWh battery within 90 minutes.

It’s fair to say without the RIB; the Maverick is still a very able machine. Another great feature of the Maverick GT SKI is its advanced navigation system. The boat comes equipped with a GPS that can be used to track your location and plot your course. The boat’s computer can also track your speed, distance traveled, and estimated arrival time. This is perfect for long trips or races where you need to know exactly where and how fast you‘re going.

Finally, the Maverick GT SKI has many safety features that make it perfect for use in any situation. The boat's emergency locator will help rescuers find you if you get lost or stranded. Additionally, the boat’s computer will automatically shut down the engine if it detects that you’re in danger of running aground or hitting an obstacle. This makes it perfect for use in shallow waters or crowded areas.

Ok, What is the Price of the WorWorld’sallest Yacht? Living up to its title, you had to figure the price tag would be rather hefty. You can expect to pay somewhere north of $150,000 for the Maverick GT alone. This price tag will undoubtedly balloon if you customize this ride even further. Add the RIB option, and you will pay closer to $500,000, making these items highly coveted by the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population. And, yes…..there is already a waiting list!

Conclusion: The Maverick GT SKI from T3mp3st is the most advanced watercraft on the market today. It'It’sectric motor makes it environmentally friendly, and its advanced navigation system makes it perfect for long trips or races. Additionally, its safety features make it ideal for use in any situation. If you’re looking for the best possible experience on the water, look no further than the Maverick GT SKI from T3mp3st.


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