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The Ark Zero is The Latest Electric Microcar Entry

An Electric Microcar Currently Available in Europe Only

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming more common on the roads, with many automakers investing in electrification. A new startup company from the UK, Ark, has recently unveiled a compact electric micro-car that promises to be affordable and perfect for city commuters. Named the Ark Zero, this quadricycle boasts a seating capacity for two adults and a dog. Make note the passenger and Fido have to sit directly behind the driver. This blog post delves deeper into this fascinating micro-car and what makes it stand out from the competition.

Design The Ark Zero has a sleek and modern design that is stylish and efficient. Its compact size makes it perfect for navigating through narrow city streets, while its distinctive shape provides enough interior space to accommodate passengers comfortably. The car measures 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) long, 1.3 meters (4.26 ft)wide, and 1.625 meters (5.3ft) tall, making it a perfect fit for small parking spaces. Living up to the definition of a micro-car, this vehicle is shorter than the Citroen Ami but just a bit taller. The front of the car is dominated by a large windshield, providing excellent visibility for the driver. At the rear, the micro-car features a cargo area, perfect for carrying shopping or other goods.

Performance The Ark Zero is powered by an electric motor, providing an impressive range for a quadricycle of up to 81 kilometers (51 miles) on a single charge. The vehicle can achieve a top speed of 45 km/h (28mph), making it perfect for city driving. Charging the car is effortless, with the option of plugging into a standard household socket, providing a full charge in just six to eight hours.

Overall, Ark Zero is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for city commuters.

Safety Given how small Ark Zero is and its aluminum construction, it has essential safety attributes. Overall the vehicle's weight is astoundingly light at 489 kg (1078 lbs), which contributes to the vehicle's reduced stopping distance and overall vehicle stability. The company is touting the aluminum body and its energy absorption capabilities to be more capable than steel of minimizing a catastrophic impact (especially at lower speed). Let's face it, while a vehicle like this wouldn't be highly safe running up against a large car or SUV, it still is a step up from an electric bike!

Affordability One of the most significant selling points of Ark Zero is its affordability. Compared to other micro-cars in the market, Ark Zero offers excellent value for money. The vehicle's low price tag at 5,995 British pounds (USD 7,610) makes it accessible to a broader range of consumers, making it an ideal entry-level electric vehicle.

Availability According to Ark, the Zero is expected to hit the European market later this year, and pre-orders are already underway. Order today, and you may have your Ark Zero in 14 to 16 weeks. The company also offers four color choices (White, Black, Red, and Gray), seat covers, Bluetooth connectivity, a rear backup camera, and a sunroof.

Here is a closer look at the interior:

Ark Zero has piqued the interest of many electric vehicle enthusiasts, and it will be exciting to see how well it performs in the market.


The Ark Zero is an impressive electric microcar that combines modern design, excellent performance, and affordability. Its compact size and environmental-friendliness make it the perfect choice for city commuters and environmentally conscious consumers. Although the market for micro-cars can be challenging, Ark Zero's unique selling points are likely to attract a significant following. I look forward to seeing how well it performs in the market and how consumers will respond to this new entry-level electric vehicle. As electric vehicle technology continues to progress, it's exciting to see new startups like Ark enter the market.


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