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The Alpha Neo is the First Commercially Available Hydrogen Fuel Powered Pedelec eBike!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Pragma Industries Brings the Innovation to Pedelec Bikes

Are you an urban traveler looking for a more efficient way to get around town? Or maybe you’re a commuter tired of waiting hours for your e-bike to charge? Look no further — the Alpha Neo hydrogen fuel-powered pedelec e-bike from Pragma Industries is here! This innovative new bike has been designed to offer a robust, long-lasting solution that can get you from point A to point B in no time. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this e-bike so unique.

The Alpha Neo E-Bike Frame One of the most impressive features of this e-bike is its aluminum frame, which is designed with a low step-over feature that can accommodate riders of all sizes and heights. Finding a bike this size at a very manageable 30kg (66 lbs) in weight is even more impressive. The frame also has a removable energy pack featuring a built-in daylight readable status screen and a small refillable tank that holds hydrogen under 300 bar pressure.

The Benefits of the Alpha Neo E-Bike The benefits of this e-bike are numerous. First, it eliminates the need for frequent charging sessions — fill up your hydrogen tank and hit the road! It also offers excellent performance thanks to its powerful supercapacitors and fuel cells and its lightweight aluminum frame that won’t slow you down on your travels. You will find it complete with five levels of torque-sensing pedal assist and a 250W rear wheel geared hub motor that peaks at 350-W.

Finally, this bike is incredibly durable; it’s expected to last 15 years or more after regular use! And refilling your tank takes only two minutes — much faster than traditional charging methods! This two-minute fill-up promises close to 90 miles of range. Not too shabby!

I envision seeing these in town, similar to the current bike-sharing programs. The Alpha Neo would be perfect for city deliveries or even rental services.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an easier way to travel around your city or commute between destinations, consider investing in an Alpha Neo e-bike with hydrogen fuel cells! This innovative bike offers fast refills, outstanding performance, and lasting durability — all at an eye-popping $6,000 price tag. The company is looking to produce a limited amount of these in 2023. It might be worth not having to worry about battery life ever again!


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