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Telo Trucks Are More Than Just Miniature Electric Pickups

These Miniature Electric Pickups are Small But Mighty

The demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed as the world becomes more conscious of its carbon footprint. While the focus has been on cars, enterprising entrepreneurs are beginning to look into electric trucks, a segment with the potential for widespread adoption. Enter Telo Trucks, a new American startup making miniature electric pickups as big — or small; I should say — as a Mini Cooper. The firm's "urban adventure vehicle" advertises a large bed, seating for up to eight (if you can believe it), and a sweeping rejection of the notion that trucks must be big to be useful. This blog post explores Telo Trucks and what makes them different from other electric trucks on the market.

One primary feature that sets Telo Trucks apart from other electric pickups is their compact size. Measuring just 152 inches (or 3.86 meters) long and 73 inches (or 1.85 meters) wide, Telo Trucks are small enough to park in tight spaces but large enough to be helpful. The truck bed, for instance, measures 5 feet long, enough to haul most daily essentials such as groceries, bicycles, and even a kayak. This makes Telo Trucks perfect for daily commuters, small businesses, and urban adventurers who want a vehicle that can handle their needs.

Telo Trucks are fully electric, which means they produce zero emissions. But unlike most electric pickups adapted from existing gas-powered models, Telo Trucks were designed from the ground up to be electric. This ensures that the battery and electric motor are optimized for the vehicle's size and weight, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable driving experience. Telo Trucks have a range of up to 350 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for most driving.

One of the most surprising features of Telo Trucks is their seating capacity. Despite their small size, Telo Trucks can seat up to eight people. This is thanks to a modular seating system that allows the rear seats to be easily added or removed depending on the driver's needs. This feature makes Telo Trucks ideal for carpooling, shuttle services, or as a second family vehicle.

And because they are electric, Telo Trucks are much quieter than gas-powered vehicles, making for a more pleasant and peaceful driving experience.

In addition to being sustainable and practical, Telo Trucks have the aesthetics to match. With a modern and sleek design, Telo Trucks stand out from traditional gas-powered trucks. They are available in various colors and have customizable features such as alloy wheels, a roof rack, and LED lights. Telo Trucks have a unique appearance that will turn heads and spark conversations about electric vehicles and sustainability.


Telo Trucks is a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry. By offering an affordable (starting at $49,999), sustainable, and practical alternative to gas-powered trucks, Telo Trucks has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about transportation. Telo Trucks are perfect for daily commuters, small businesses, and urban adventurers who want a vehicle that can handle their needs without sacrificing style or sustainability.

Unfortunately, these vehicles with a few hand-built models won't be available until 2025. You can place a small deposit of $152 here to reserve your place in line. Actual production looks centered on 2026, so there will be quite the wait. With their compact size, seating capacity, and customizable features, Telo Trucks are poised to significantly impact the electric vehicle market when they finally reach the market.


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