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Sun Harvest Citrus (The Cider Mill of South Florida)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Fort Myers, Florida’s little gem of a citrus juice establishment is Sun Harvest

Sun Harvest Citrus outdoor view located in Fort Myers, Florida.
Sun Harvest Citrus (medium by JC)

For the last 30 years, my family has been visiting one orange juice establishment in Florida known as Sun Harvest Citrus. Sun Harvest Citrus erected a packing and retail facility in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1990. My family’s running joke is that we equate this to a similar juice-making business from the north that processes apples called cider mills. I wrote an article about them here:

In a way, Sun Harvest Citrus is the cider mill of the south but for oranges. Of course, instead of processing cider, they produce juice from a range of citrus fruits. The range of oranges is pretty extensive, and not unlike apples, the season is limited, ranging from November to April for the optimum growing season.

November through April citrus offerings from Sun Harvest Citrus.
Citrus Offerings (medium by JC)

As this is a mainstay on our places to visit in Florida, the first thing on our shopping list is buying a few half gallons of certain juices. Yes, they have your typical orange and grapefruit juices available as expected. We always opt for the Strawberry Orange and Cranberry Orange variety. There is a juice bar for in-store tasting available for those who can’t wait to bring them home and want to try what is available.

The available juices for sampling at the Sun Harvest juice bar.
Sampler Juice Bar (medium by JC)

A view of our favorite half gallons of Strawberry Orange and Cranberry Organge juice.
Our Favorite Juices (medium by JC)

While here, try out these fantastic Honeybell oranges (pictured below). These fruits are named after their ‘bell” shape. Quick Fact from

Honeybells are actually not oranges! They’re a cross between the Dancy tangerine, one of the oldest citrus varieties grown in Florida, and a Duncan Grapefruit, which is a sweet but seedy grapefruit no longer widely grown. These unique “parents” give the honeybell a fantastic, sweet, vivid flavor, good size and an abundance of juice. And yes, some say there’s a hint of “honey.”

The Honeybell Tangelo bagged and ready to go home for tasting.
Honeybell Tangelos (medium by JC)

Not to be forgotten, you can try all of the available fruit before you buy.

A range of sliced fruits to try before you buy.
Fruit Sampling (medium by JC)

In addition to all things citrus, Sun Harvest is also well-stocked with gourmet foods, tropical wines, home decor, and a plethora of Florida-related things. Come for the juice, but leave with a treasure trove of other supplies. I dare you to leave here with just one item!

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