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My Visit to the "Taste of Texas" Steakhouse in Houston

The Taste of Texas is a Steakhouse With More than Steak To Offer

Houston, Texas, is known for its iconic cuisine, particularly steakhouses that satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. Having heard rave reviews about the Taste of Texas, we visited their establishment recently. Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect as the restaurant has been around since 1977. However, as soon as I entered the doors, I knew why the restaurant remained one of the most respected places to dine in Houston. With a warm ambiance and a friendly greeting from the staff, I was in for an incredible dining experience.

For the record, it was recommended we try out a lunch experience as getting in the doors around dinner is next to impossible. As this was a Wednesday, and the time was 2 PM, it was easy to get in and rather pleasant.

As I sat inside, I noticed that the décor was firmly rooted in Texas history, with memorabilia from legendary Texans and cowboy hats mounted on the walls.

I was told they do many school tours for Texan 4th graders annually. I should have asked more questions, but the atmosphere was inviting, and I could not wait to taste the food. It wasn't till after I found out they had the actual doors to the Alamo within the establishment. It took my bragging about the meal to my wife (in Michigan) for her to look up the establishment and school me on the history. You can find it here if you are inclined to read a little about their history.

And here are the doors featured prominently within the Taste of Texas.

As exciting as history is, I was here to get a real taste of food from Texas. While browsing the menu, I noticed that they offer a wide variety of top-choice cuts of beef, from filets to prime rib, as well as seafood and poultry dishes. After much contemplation, the three of us decided to try the ribeye by the ounce. We were told we could partake in the salad bar before picking out our cuts of meat. You could make a meal from the salad bar—plenty of bread and roll selections and loads of salad fixings.

When it was time to pick out our meat, we were taken back to the kitchen, and they cut each piece in front of us. By the way, I am not picky, and whatever they would have cut would have suited me. For the record, we each had 18oz and medium to medium rare.

I was taken aback when the dishes arrived as the presentation was immaculate. However, the experience of a good dish is only fully appreciated when you taste it, and my first bite was nothing short of exceptional. It was undoubtedly the tenderest steak I've ever eaten, cooked to my preferred temperature and seasoned perfectly. I didn't take a picture of my steak, but here is a sample.

I also had a side of potatoes au gratin, which complemented the taste of the steak quite nicely, but the show's star was the steak itself. I later learned that the restaurant serves beef they've hand-tapped, resulting in a superior taste that can't be replicated elsewhere.

After the meal, we were shown the à la carte dessert menu, which offered a splendid selection of sweets. We picked a shared piece of the key lime pie, and they didn't disappoint once again. It was deliciously sweet and large enough that each of us was satisfied with our portion.

Conclusion: Overall, my experience at the Taste of Texas Steakhouse was exceptional, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy an atmosphere rich in Texas history and indulge in a fire-roasted, hand-cut steak that's rare to find. A steak lover's paradise, this restaurant surely knows how to treat its guests with a world-class dining experience. Anyone who loves great food and fantastic service must visit this iconic Houston steakhouse. Thanks for a good time, Taste of Texas; I shall return!

A picture taken for a birthday celebration at the Taste of Texas.
Celebrate (media by JC)

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