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The Skoda Roadiaq Concept Vehicle: Redefining Travel for the Digital Nomad Generation"

The Skoda Roadiaq Concept is Converting a Vehicle For Adventurers

Traditionally, campers or outdoor enthusiasts hit the road with minimal gadgets. However, with the emergence of digital nomads, things have changed. As a new breed of remote workers who thrive on the freedom of working from anywhere, these professionals demand more than just basic campers. Enter the Skoda Roadiaq Concept, a build designed and made into reality by the students at Skoda Academy. The Skoda Roadiaq blends a versatile interior and the latest tech to provide a seamless digital nomad experience. This post explores the features that make the Roadiaq Concept the ultimate digital nomad dream machine.

The Build: The whole project began with the Škoda Enyaq electric car as the starting point. This electric car has an all-wheel drive and a system output of 195 kW. The vehicle has a battery with a total capacity of 82 kW and offers a range of up to 495 km (307 miles). These particulars of the car remained unchanged. The real design began with the raised roof, the modified left rear door, the fifth door, and the interior. The Enyaq has been transformed into the Roadiaq.

Versatile Interior:The multifunctional space is one of the most prominent features of the Skoda Roadiaq. The interior has a modular setup, with folding/adjustable seats, tables, and other fixtures that can be moved in various combinations to suit the user's needs or prepare for sleep. Thanks to the customizable interior, digital nomads could comfortably work, take breaks, cook, and sleep in the same space.

Space for cooking is minimal and may have to be moved outdoors.

Advanced Communication:The Roadiaq Concept is designed to provide a seamless connection to the online world. The vehicle has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth, allowing users to connect their favorite devices to high-speed internet connectivity. The students installed a 27" monitor with a docking station, ensuring the mobile office is useful in all situations. Additionally, the vehicle's touchscreen control panel ensures that users can easily select and control various functions, such as enhanced rear interior lighting or air conditioning.

Storage and Power: Power banks and charging ports are must-haves for any digital nomad, and the Skoda Roadiaq doesn't disappoint. The vehicle's interior has several convenient charging ports connecting to a powerful battery, storing enough energy for your off-grid needs. The power connection for an optional solar panel is a welcome addition to power the car's electric equipment. There are also numerous storage spaces, such as overhead cupboards, to store personal effects.

Advanced Safety Features: The Skoda Roadiaq Concept is a digital nomad's dream machine and a secure vehicle. The concept SUV has various safety features such as front and rear cameras, collision avoidance, and blind-spot detection systems. These features work together to ensure the driver and passengers are always secure, even in the most challenging terrain.

Eco-friendly: Finally, the Skoda Roadiaq Concept is fully electric and doesn't contribute to the carbon footprint. This aspect is perfect for anyone concerned about the environment. In redesigning the interior, the students used mostly recycled materials, including the upholstery. This theme was continued even down to the pillowcases and blankets for sleeping in the car. It's important to note there is ample sleeping space for one.

Conclusion: The students at Skoda Academy took the digital nomad experience to a new level. With the Skoda Roadiaq's modern amenities, customization flexibility, and advanced safety features, the Roadiaq Concept is the ideal vehicle for remote workers who seek to stay productive while enjoying life on the road. The powerful and eco-friendly concept SUV is a testament to what can be done with existing vehicle structures when you have the drive and know-how. It will be interesting to see if this concept or some derivation of it ever comes to fruition.


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