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Skiing All Year Round: SKWHEEL ONE Electric Skis Take the Lead in Innovation.

SKWHEEL ONE- Using Electric Skis year-round

Skiing has always been fun and thrilling, bringing people together during winter. However, with the effects of climate change, skiing on snow-capped mountains may become more complicated in the years ahead. But what if I told you that skiing could still be enjoyed even without snow? Enter SKWHEEL One— the electric skis ridden on any terrain, anytime, anywhere, year-round. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the revolutionary features of SKWHEEL One and how it is changing the game of skiing as we know it.

SKWHEEL One is a welcome addition to the skiing industry. With its all-wheel-drive skis and all-terrain wheels, it can reach up to 50 miles per hour (80km/hr) on any surface, whether sand, asphalt, or forest paths. All of this is made possible by the 600W motors in each wheel, totaling 2400W of power. The skis will come with a factory limit of 25km/hr (15.5mph) for city settings. The skis are designed to effortlessly glide through any environment, providing adrenaline seekers with a thrilling and unique experience like this:

What’s more, the SKWHEEL One is user-friendly. You can strap on the skis wearing your street shoes.

Controlling your speed and braking is made easy with a wireless remote, much like the ones used for electric skateboards.

This remote transforms into a carrier so you can transport the skis more efficiently from point A to point b.

The result looks like this:

With removable 300Wh lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy a little over an hour of non-stop skiing (at speeds much slower than 50mph), covering a distance of up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles).

The SKWHEEL One offers a fast-charging option and can be back on the simulated slopes in as little as two hours. Also, what electric skis would be complete without incorporating lights to illuminate the area around you and ensure your safety with oncoming traffic? This includes both rear lighting:

And front lighting:

Last but certainly not least is the addition of not one, but two means of braking. As mentioned earlier, the hand remote will control the electric braking capability of these skis. Even more important is the inclusion of mechanical brakes, much like roller blades (inline skating) pictured here.

SKWHEEL One electric skis arema product that caters to a broad audience year-round. Plus, it opens up new possibilities for skiing enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport regardless of weather or location. Whether you’re an innovative technophile, an early adopter, an electric vehicle enthusiast, or a skier looking for something new and exciting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Please take the necessary safety precautions while land skiing, especially when trying it for the first time or hitting the 50mph threshold.

A visual of a SKWHEEL ONE user traversing streets on his skis.
Land Skiing (media by SKWHEEL)

Conclusion and Takeaways: Let’s face it: it was just a matter of time before electric skiing became a thing. It wasn’t long ago I wrote about electric snowboarding:

Revolutionize Your Snowboarding Experience With Cyrusher Ripple: The Ultimate Electric Snowboard

The Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard looks to revolutionize your snowboarding experience.

The SKWHEEL One electric skis are an exciting product changing how we perceive skiing. It offers unique opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport in different environments and weather conditions. Its sustainable features make it a viable alternative to traditional skiing as we become more aware of our environmental impact.

Now for the bad news. You can pre-order these skis for a possible delivery in June 2024, but we all know how these crowdfunding projects work. Early bird specials come at around $1,800, with MSRP exceeding $2,625 when/if these hit the market. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure that combines the thrill of skiing with cutting-edge technology, this mode of transportation may be for you. Who knows, you might discover a new passion in the process.


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