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Road Rage in Transportation- We Transform Behind the Wheel of a Car!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Road Rage in Transportation is Real! Something Uncontrollable Takes Over In Our Car

Disney character Goofy yelling at another driver directly behind him.

“Motor Mania 1950- Walt Disney Present)

A friend of mine told me about a recent interaction she had with another unruly driver. The incident was as simple as the other driver had cut her off in traffic. As was typical, my friend honked her horn to alert the driver she was there.

In most cases, this is where the story ends. Not in this case! The driver escalated it by braking short repeatedly. My friend opted to avoid this person actively, but to no avail. This person tracked her down to deliver the ever-welcoming middle finger. Luckily, my friend wasn’t in the mood for an altercation and opted to take the next turn.

A mild mannered Goofy smelling a flower on his morning walk to his car.

Mild Mannered Goofy (Motor Mania)

When I heard this story, and trust me, these events happen frequently, I thought about a Disney Goofy cartoon short. The cartoon I am referring to is called Motor Mania. I believe this cartoon was ahead of its time and perfectly illustrates how certain people transform when behind the wheel of a car. The person is very calm, mild-mannered, and pleasant to be around. This person would not hurt anyone. The “rage monster” rears its ugly head when they are behind the car's wheel.

The transformation into a ‘Rage Monster” is complete.

Rage Monster (Motor Mania 1950)

What is it with transportation road rage when behind the wheel in a car? Does the automobile give us a feeling of power? As I listened to my friend’s story, it was apparent the other driver was in the wrong. I guess this driver knew they were in the wrong but “Doubled Down” and didn’t like being called out. It then made me wonder what was happening in this person’s life. Did they have to take it to the extreme? Let’s say they were having a bad day!

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