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Revving Up the Game: Weped's SST Electric Scooter Takes on the Hyper-Scooter Segment with Style

Introducing the Weped SST Electric Hyper-Scooter

Are you tired of your slow and unimpressive electric scooter? Do you crave power, speed, and performance? Occasionally, I write about hyperscooters that skirt the boundary between fast and ludicrous. This particular scooter borders on ludicrous. The Weped SST is an ultra-fast electric hyper-scooter designed for the ultimate thrill-seeker. With its aggressive looks and innovative features, this electric scooter has set a new standard for the hyper-scooter market. Join us as we explore everything Weped SST has to offer.

First and foremost, the Weped SST boasts an incredible motor. Powered by dual 80A hub motors, the SST can produce a monstrous output of 5000W. No hill too steep, no rider too heavy. Its 35-degree hill-climbing ability outperforms many other scooters in this class. The Weped SST can easily carry a maximum load of 300 pounds. It can do all this while also crossing the 70mph speed barrier. There have been recorded runs surpassing 75mph, but is more than 70mph needed?

Moreover, this scooter is a powerhouse and a beauty to behold. Its sleek, aggressive design will turn heads wherever you go. Combining form and function, the Weped SST electric hyper-scooter offers a superior ride quality not often seen in this segment. This is achieved through its cutting-edge suspension system that helps dampen vibrations and shock for a smooth ride.

The Weped SST is also an e-scooter with an impressive range. With LG's high-performance battery, the scooter can take up to 80 miles on a full charge. This makes it perfect for long commutes, weekend excursions, or city tours. The scooter also charges fast, with a charging time of just 3 hours using the optional 11A fast charger.

A safety feature that every crazy fast electric scooter needs is high-performance hydraulic brakes on the front and rear tires. The Weped SST is also equipped with a regenerative braking system, ensuring the kinetic energy is transformed into stored energy during the scooter's slowdown. Adding to the overall stability of the scooter are the wide 10×4.5″ high-performance tubeless tires.

The Weped SST was designed with safety in mind. Equipped with front and rear LED lights, you'll be easily visible to others on the road, day or night. Remember, you don't have a front headlight; you have colorful RGB LED lights on the front and sides.

Conclusion and Takeaways:

As I have written before, new scooters and electric bikes come out constantly with mind-blowing speeds and specifications. The Weped SST is another hyper-scooter with impressive features that stands out today, and I say today because faster is only a few days away. Its powerful twin motors, long-range battery, smooth suspension system, and advanced safety features make it a top pick for electric vehicle enthusiasts and people who know how to handle this type of power (more importantly, wear the proper protection equipment).

If you want the ultimate thrill-seeking experience and have $5,999 burning a hole in your pocket, the Weped SST is the electric scooter for you.


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