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“Overtime Elite” Is It Too Soon To Be Paying Basketball Players?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

College is no longer the only path to the NBA

The Overtime Elite logo.

Overtime Elite Logo (media by Overtime)

Let’s cut right to the chase. Overtime Elite, or OTE, is a tremendous opportunity for those who are looking to invest. Why else would people like Jeff Bezos, Drake, and several current NBA players be throwing money into this business adventure? It’s the perfect example of getting in on the ground floor.

What is Overtime Elite? Overtime Elite is a basketball league owned by Overtime, consisting of over 27 highly talented players. These 16 to 18-year-olds are hand-picked and almost guaranteed to be NBA future ballers. The kicker is, taking these gifted individuals and paying them six figures right out of the gate. They are treated like NBA players long before they are eligible to become NBA players.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

The 5-year-old company, Overtime, capitalizes on the 50,000,000 followers it has garnered through its numerous social media platforms. They garnered these followers when it started highlighting Zion Williamson’s dunking ability on Instagram. This highly-touted league comes at an ideal time when college athletes can finally take advantage of monetizing their NIL (Names, Images, and Likenesses).

OE’s grab is to forget college, expect a 6 figure salary with bonuses, high-level facilities, and transportation. To continue to compete with colleges for talent, OE will allow players to also share in revenues based on their NIL’s. OTE has also made it a point to hire teachers and academic administrators to impart primary education. This will ensure the players receive their high school diplomas while also gaining education to become financially responsible. There are additional perks described on the OTE Website.

It is important to note, once a player commits to OTE, they are forfeiting a proven collegiate path to the NBA as they are now considered professional players when receiving a salary. For those Overtime Elite players who do not make the NBA, they will receive $100,000 towards a college education. It’s almost a no-lose situation.

A messy stack of currency, mostly $100 dollar bills.

So, the question remains, is it too soon to be paying basketball players? The simple answer is no; it is not too soon! Companies like Overtime have been making money on these high school basketball players for years. Overtime Elite is an extension of Overtime and will continue to recruit talent to grow its social media following. As there is no guarantee of a player making the NBA, a situation like this based on 27 players exponentially improves a player’s chances. At the very least, the player will have just another road to the NBA, or possibly college. All the while, they will make a decent amount of money along the way!

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