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My Needs and Desires From the Right Electric Bike

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

I Have a List of Requirements and Needs for my next electric bike

An electric bike sitting atop a dirt road on a mountain
Photo by G-Force Bike on Unsplash

After my debacle with Rocket Bikes, I was still hunting for an E-bike with similar features and expected to pay more. Given e-bikes are the most popular electric vehicles on earth; there was no shortage of options.

First and foremost, I was looking for portability. The bike needed to fold down and go into the hatch of my SUV. I still hoped I may still receive my Rocket Bike in June and would require room to place both bikes in the back of my vehicle. One cycle would be for me and one for my wife. These were the requirements at the top of my list:

  1. Portability (As Described above)

  2. A decent amount of power (Class III Bike)

  3. 4″ Fat Tire Bike (All-terrain please)

  4. Reliability (I would rely on favorable reviews)

  5. Suspension

  6. Good Brakes

  7. Decent range (looking for 40+ Mile Range)

  8. Price- Needs to be economical ($999 to $1499?)

A female rider sitting upon her electric bike with a mountain in the background.
Photo by G-Force Bike on Unsplash

I have had my eye on several bikes, with the Cyrusher XF690 leading the way. This electric bike meets and exceeds all of my needs, save for the price. This bike is $2499 before taxes—a hefty increase from the $999 spent on the Rocket Bike. If I had jumped on the Black Friday deal, the price would have been $2299. It was still a steep price to pay.

  1. It folds down to half its size.

  2. Meets/Exceeds the power requirement and maxes out at 28mph

  3. Has 4″ Fat Tires

  4. Rated near the top scale on reviews (unit is built like a tank)

  5. Both front and rear suspension

  6. Hydraulic Brakes- complete with motor shutoff

  7. Exceeds 50+ mile range

This bike checked off all of my requirements, save for the price. If money were no object, this would be the bike to buy. An investment like this should be put into a non-folding e-bike, but this is my personal opinion.

I can’t justify paying 2.5 times more for this bike over my crowdfunding adventure. I would have to find something between the two models. The search will continue.

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