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I Made My E-Bike Purchase!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

It was primarily based on price!

TurboAnt Bike (media by JC)

The bike had a lot, not all, of my requirements, but the price alone was what sold me.

I have written a couple of articles based on a Crowdfunding adventure that is still very much in limbo. It all started here and looked promising:

Skip ahead to this article:

I ended up buying a bike from Turboant due in large part to an $800 off promotion. The list price is $1799. All in, I paid $1059, including tax and delivery. Everything I read and watched, including numerous reviews, seemed optimistic. The bike checks off the following for me.

  1. One of my needs was a portable bike I could quickly throw into my cargo area in my SUV. I did not want to put it onto a bike carrier as it can be too cumbersome to take off and put on the vehicle.

  2. I wanted this to be a fat tire bike. Good for all-terrain.

  3. Decent speed. This will hit 28mph with pedal assist.

  4. Decent range. Using pedal assist, this will hit up to 60 miles on a standard charge. Expect less with throttle only.

  5. I was hoping for more suspension, but it does come equipped with some.

I have not received the bike yet, but the code (SDS800) may still work if any other people are interested. I suspect they are looking to close out old inventory before offering the new models. Expect a full-on review when I receive the bike. Update: 03/10/2022 The deal is still live.


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