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My Covid Booster Was Unlike the Previous Shots!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

It affects everyone differently!

A medical professional administering a shot to a young male.

I received my first two shots in March and April. The Moderna shot was the available shot at the time, and I was thankful to get it. Although some of my co-workers had some nasty side effects, I had little, if any. I remember feeling as if someone shot me in the arm. This hurt eventually went away, but I remember that feeling. It is the same feeling I felt when receiving the latest Flu shot a few weeks back.

I was excited to hear the Moderna shot had received official approval over the last few weeks and quickly signed up to receive it at my latest Rite Aid. I had a 3:40 PM appointment and presented my vaccination card as requested. They administered the shot, and I received a bottle of hand sanitizer as a parting gift. To my surprise, a few hours later, that arm pain reintroduced itself. Usually, it took a day for the pain to arrive. I brushed it off and was able to play in my adult hockey league that night.

The next day I awoke; the pain was pretty apparent in the arm. I anticipated the pain in my arm, but I did not expect the back pain, exhaustion, sadness, and a slew of other rampant feelings. Perhaps it was just my body telling me it was working overtime, but it was not something I had ever experienced before. I was able to do minor landscaping, cook dinner, and then take a two-hour nap around 6 PM. I was up for a few more hours and then back to bed until the following day. Again, not something I have ever experienced and did not expect. Do I regret getting the booster? No, but I empathize with my co-workers on a more intimate level.

UPDATE: My kids have had their first vaccination.

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