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My Top Garage Upgrades Over the Last Year!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

This Garage Was More than just a place to store our cars-These are my top upgrades

A 3-car garage pictured at night.
Typical 3-Car Well Lit Garage (media by JC)

I have to admit, having a three-car garage is nice, but you will fill it. As I wrote in an earlier article, I had to organize my garage.

Since I wrote that article, these are the top upgrades for the garage I have made recently.

I bought these two rolling cabinets from Seville Classics. We tend to move these as we are still looking for the proper placement within our garage. It is beneficial these are on wheels as they can be moved in and out of the garage to allow for adequate cleaning of the garage floor when necessary. We like the durability of these storage cabinets, and they do not feel chintzy.

Next up, we made sure to buy a nice cord reel which I mounted up and out of the way. We have pretty tall ceilings in the garage, and this was an excellent way to add some flexibility with a retractable 65 feet cord reel to be used throughout the garage. The bracket can swivel left or right and will work well when mounted to the ceiling or a wall.

To get us through the winter, it was important we insulate the garage doors. This past October we invested in garage door insulation for our single garage door and two-car garage door. The hardest part of this job was cutting the panels and applying them to each door panel. The key is to make sure the substrate is clean to allow the insulation to adhere correctly.

One of my most prized purchases is this wall-mounted garage vacuum by Bissell. I use it often not just to clean out both my wife’s car and my own. I also use it for cleaning the garage floor. It is meant for both wet and dry applications, but I mainly stick to dry. The hose is long at 32 feet, and it comes with a nice amount of accessory tools with extension wands. This is a must-have in order to keep your vehicles and garage clean during all seasons.

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