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MetoMotion Brings Innovation to Farming

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Introducing the Grow Autonomous Robot

If you thought technology and farming were incompatible, think again. In a previous article, I wrote about an automated tractor from Monarch, and now I shift the focus onto MetoMotion. Founded in 2017, MetoMotion has developed an autonomous robotic system to pick and harvest tomatoes faster than ever. This revolutionary robot utilizes 3D sensor vision technology to map the plant and crop. Read on to learn more about how this incredible robot works.

How it Works This autonomous guided vehicle is equipped with advanced AI-powered 3D sensor vision technology that generates a map of the plant and its crop. The ripeness factor is determined within the Application by the user.

It drives down the greenhouse rows with the help of sensors that can detect obstacles to avoid collisions. The sensors also detect tomatoes ripe for picking, guiding the robotic arm to their location so it can cut and catch tomato branches in a single operation, placing them on a conveyer belt before dropping them into onboard fruit container units at a speed of 16 seconds per cluster. Plus, the robotic arm clears away obstacles or hidden stems without causing any damage to the branches or crop!

The Benefits MetoMotion’s driverless robot offers farmers incredible benefits when harvesting their crops. Not only does it pick up tomatoes twice as fast as manual picking methods, but it also allows for better precision than other automation systems available today. Additionally, because there are two robotic arms for added efficiency, each unit can harvest both sides of a row simultaneously.

This autonomous robot requires minimal maintenance and oversight from human operators, making labor costs significantly lower.

The Impact on Agriculture Innovations like MetoMotion’s autonomous robot have revolutionized how we think about farming. Robots like this allow us to harvest crops faster and more efficiently than ever. They also help reduce labor costs while providing better precision than other automation systems.

Furthermore, this technology will continue to play an essential role in agricultural production as farmers strive to increase food production while reducing costs.

Conclusion: The agricultural industry is undergoing tremendous changes thanks to technological advances, such as MetoMotion’s autonomous robot system designed specifically for harvesting tomatoes in high-tech greenhouses. This driverless robot has two robotic arms that pick and harvest tomatoes faster than manual methods with greater precision than other automation systems available today — all while requiring minimal maintenance from human operators! This revolutionary technology will continue playing an essential role in agricultural production as farmers strive to increase food production while reducing costs. So if you’re looking for innovative solutions for your farm, MetoMotion’s driverless robots might be just what you need!

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