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Introducing The Falcon E8 Electric Tender

The Future of Electric Tenders is Sustainable Luxury Transportation

Regarding luxury boating, the development of electric tenders has been slow to take off. Occasionally I like to check in on this particular market because it doesn’t hurt to see what is available to those with obscene amounts of disposable income. In this case, we are talking about a secondary boat or tender used to shuttle passengers to and from their incredibly large yachts. What better way to do this than to have the latest boating innovation?

ThirtyC, a highly reputable shipyard, has partnered with Polestar, an expert in vehicle propulsion systems, to create a new electric tender that has revolutionized the boating industry. Meet the Falcon E8, a 26-foot electric tender that is edgy, sleek, and highly efficient. In this post, we take a closer look at the advancements this electric-powered tender offers.

To begin with, let us delve deeper into the Falcon E8’s Vita Power system. This system has two output options; 170 bhp peak or 300 bhp peak, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art engineering and components. The propulsion system is incredibly efficient due to its design, which has been tailored to reduce noise levels and improve performance. This particular tender can attain a cruising speed of 20 knots or a top speed of 30 knots when fully throttled. The Falcon E8 has a range of over 30 nautical miles, making it the perfect vessel for those short trips to shore from the main yacht.

One of the most notable features of the Falcon E8 is its transomless design. This setting represents a significant shift in how we think about tenders, as it removes the requirement for a traditional transom and has a stepped arrangement at the back of the boat. This unique layout makes it effortless for the passengers to disembark and board, allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable ride. I was most surprised to find the use of reclaimed teak decking from bow to stern. I give kudos for this feature meant to minimize this watercraft’s environmental impact.

The customizability of the Falcon E8 is another essential feature of this electric-powered tender. The bench seating and console in the cockpit are fully customizable, allowing the owner to create a design that best suits their tastes. With no two Falcon E8s looking the same, this electric tender is an excellent choice for the discerning yacht owner who wants to make a statement.

Finally, the Falcon E8’s DC fast charging ability from 20–80% in under an hour is a significant advantage for the owners. This capability allows the vessel to charge and be ready for use within a short period, eliminating the need for the owner to wait hours in the harbor. The quick charging capability also ensures that the Falcon E8 is always available.


In conclusion, the Falcon E8 represents a quantum leap in electric tender development. Its sleek and edgy design, superior propulsion system, and customizable features make it the perfect eco-friendly tender for the modern yacht owner. The Falcon E8 has set a standard for environmentally sound electric tenders, and it is clear that this vessel is a glimpse into the future of luxury boating. The partnership between ThirtyC and Polestar has proven to be the perfect combination for creating a sustainable and highly efficient electric tender. Whether you’re an early adopter or a seasoned yacht owner, the Falcon E8 is the electric tender you need to consider to enhance your boating experience.


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