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Introducing The EVO ICER Portable Ice Maker: The Ultimate Traveling Companion for Your Next Adventure

The Flextail EVO ICER Portable Ice Maker is the Perfect Beverage Companion

In my quest to discover new technology or the latest gadget, I found the Flextail EVO ICER portable ice maker, a particular piece with many possibilities. As the name suggests, it is a portable ice machine that opens up a world of possibilities. Now, you can have the perfect traveling companion. With a winning combination of smaller, lighter, and more manageable, this 12-inch wide machine is made to go wherever you go. With a built-in 200wh battery, the EVO ICER sets you free from cords and cables, making it the perfect summer accessory. In this blog post, we’ll give you an in-depth review of the EVO ICER so you can decide whether it’s the ideal companion for your summer adventures.

Size and Weight — The EVO ICER is only 12 inches wide and weighs only 21 lbs (9 kg) with the battery, which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Whether hiking, camping, or just having a day at the beach, you can take it without worrying about bulky dimensions and heavy weight. The compact size and carry handle make it easy to transport, so taking it on the go is manageable.

Built-in Battery — Who needs cords and cables when you have a built-in battery? With a 200wh battery, the EVO ICER lets you move around without worrying about a power source. Just charge it up at home before you leave, and you’re set. You can expect up to 3 hours of use in Eco Mode. If you plan to spend the whole day outdoors, you can use the standard or USB-C connection to plug it into an external power source.

If you are a bartender on call, what better device could you ask for while making those tasty concoctions?

One-Click Operation and Speed — The EVO ICER is effortless to use. With a one-click operation and three different ice-making modes, you can get enough ice to fill your cup or up to 12 cubes every batch. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go and you don’t have time to fuss around with complicated gadgets. Whether playing on the beach, hiking, or having a picnic, you can rely on the EVO ICER to give you ice drinks on hot summer days. The initial batch of ice takes roughly 9 minutes to make, with subsequent batches taking 5 minutes.

Durable — The EVO ICER is built to last. It’s not only lightweight and compact but also durable. The stainless-steel construction ensures that it stays rust-free and doesn’t scratch easily. It’s also waterproof and dustproof, making it perfect for outdoor use. The machine is also low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacing parts.

Cleaning — The EVO ICER was designed for ease of use and simple cleaning. The one-touch drain option is located on the back of the device, allowing the user to remove the water from the machine. This same button will also engage the cleaning mode for the unit to cleanse the inside.

Environmental Friendly — With the EVO ICER, you can say goodbye to plastic bags of ice from the gas station. The EVO ICER is ecological and reduces waste, so you’re doing your part for the environment while enjoying your favorite summer drinks. Moreover, the company uses an ecologically friendly refrigerant to chill the EVO ICER. In the company’s own words

You can enjoy the perfect ice-cold drinks without worrying about your environmental footprint.

Conclusion and Takeaways: The Flextail EVO ICER is the perfect companion for people who camp, like to take a day at the beach, or want ice for a simple backyard beverage. It’s small enough to transport and light enough to carry wherever you go. With a built-in 200wh battery, it frees you from cords and cables, and with its one-click operation, it provides enough ice to fill your cup and cooler. Even more helpful is that ice is produced in 5 minutes, making it quick and efficient. The promise of 30 batches over 3 hours or roughly 400 ice cubes is appealing. With shipping included, you can pick one of these up for approximately $700—a small price for a device that can produce ice in the most remote places.

It’s durable and environmentally friendly, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate drink accessory, the EVO ICER has you covered.

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