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Anker's EverFrost Battery Powered Cooler is a Game-Changer

This Battery-Powered Cooler is a Welcome Innovation

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For those who love the outdoors and like keeping their food and drinks cool without ice, the Anker EverFrost Battery-Powered Cooler may be worth considering. This portable mini fridge with up to 53L of capacity uses the latest technology from Anker's EverFrost line, which promises to maintain a consistent temperature without the need for ice or a power source. But is it worth the price, topping out at $949? Let's take a closer look.

First, the Anker EverFrost-Powered Cooler is a step from traditional coolers, especially if you want something portable and reliable. The cooler is designed with a unique insulation system that maintains a consistent temperature, keeping your food and drinks just as cold as you want, down to as low as -4°F to as high as 68°F. This means no more worries about melting ice or constantly draining water. Additionally, the cooler can hold up to 53L, depending on what you want to store, which can be perfect for a weekend camping trip or family picnic. The unit is also available in smaller sizes, starting with 33L and 43L.

One of the best features of this cooler is the EverFrost system itself. The system uses a thermoelectric design that keeps the cooler's interior cool without ice. No ice equates to more food or beverage storage.

The EverFrost system works well, with the temperature remaining consistent even in hot weather, and it saves you the time and hassle of having to buy and keep ice on hand. The company touts warm items (77F) that can be cooled down to 32F within 30 minutes. You can even store ice cream. If you opt for the 53L version, you will unlock dual zone capabilities. One or both sections can be a freezer.

However, it's important to note that the EverFrost system uses electricity, so you'll need a power source. Luckily it comes complete with a removable 299Wh battery providing up to 42 hours of cooling (33L option), 37.5 hours (43L option), and 27 hours (53L option). This assumes the internal temperature is set to an even 39°F and the outdoor temperature doesn't exceed 77°F. On those days that exceed 90 or even 100, you can expect these numbers to fluctuate. The battery can charge other items when not needed for the cooler.

Don't worry; the EverFrost-Powered Cooler comes with other forms of charging capability, including a 12V DC power cord that works great if you have a car or RV and a 95W AC adapter if you want to use it indoors or have access to a standard power outlet.

You can also opt for a 100W solar panel to keep the power topped off during your latest camping or off-grid adventure. Potentially the cooler could run 24/7.

The EverFrost-Powered Cooler is more than just practical. It also looks sleek and modern. The device has a digital temperature display that is easy to read and use with adjustable temperature settings.

The cooler is durable, so it doesn't weigh too much and is easy to carry or pull around.

Also, to top all the features off, it comes with connectivity capabilities meaning you can monitor the unit from the Anker phone application.

Conclusion: The Anker EverFrost-Powered Cooler is an excellent option for those who want convenience, portability, and reliability. The cooler's insulation and EverFrost system keep your food and drinks cool for long periods. The digital temperature display is easy to use. It's incredibly versatile with its different forms of usable power sources, either 12V DC, standard AC outlet, solar panels, or USB-C, so that's something else to keep in mind. Starting at $799, it's not the cheapest cooler. Still, the EverFrost technology is impressive and worth the investment, especially for those who love outdoor activities and need a reliable way to keep their favorite beverages and snacks cold.

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