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I Needed Warmth! Time to Take the Plunge.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

A Winter Jacket Like No Other!

Individual wearing the Eddie Bauer Evertherm 2.0 coat while shoveling snow.

I had been wanting a good winter coat for quite some time but it took an excursion with my kids to push me to buy one.

What do I mean by good? I have owned several ski coats over the years, and those babies are heavy. You have the outer shell and inner (fleece-like) liners, and though they keep you warm, I always believed there was something better. These coats can be bulky and cumbersome in a lot of ways.

On a recent outing during the kid’s day off from school (Martin Luther King’s Birthday), we decided to visit our local shopping mall. On a whim, we visited the Eddie Bauer location, and a helpful young lady asked us if she could help us. I gave her my list of needs in a winter coat which included an option to wear during outdoor events. I wanted to be warm if it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit or Zero. I was also looking for something less heavy than what I was currently wearing (Columbia Ski Coat).

Outside and inside view of the Evertherm 2.0 coat as placed on a surface.

Inside and Out (media by JC)

She showed us two options but made a special note she purchased the Evertherm 2.0 for her husband. The Microtherm was another option, but it always helps when people have first-hand experience with a product. What sold me on the Evertherm was what she said: “My husband and I walk at night, and all he wears is a T-shirt under this coat.” She told me it was good in below-freezing temperatures, given it had a high down value exceeding 800. The Microtherm was a bit less at 650.

She explained, in tremendous detail, the Evertherm used thin down sheeting throughout the coat. This left no cold spots and heat escape points. The Microtherm, due to its quilting, could potentially be a less reliable option in a colder climate. The Microtherm came in roughly $50 less expensive, but this was an investment.

She had sold me within a few minutes on the Evertherm. The hardest part about the whole experience was getting my size. I tried on the large, but I found it too tight with my sweatshirt and too short, given my height. I opted for the Extra Large and Tall sizing. I also opted to buy the hooded version. This meant it would have to be ordered and shipped to my house. She promised I would have it in 3 to 5 shipping days.

My wife and I discussed coats the other day. I vividly remember my mother telling me to grab my heavy coat when it was cold and snowy. It is funny to think a “heavy” coat was always associated with keeping warm in the winter. This Evertherm Coat is remarkably light, and I would even say it is lighter than some of my thicker spring jackets. How could this possibly keep me warm with so little “Coat” material?

I bought the coat on Monday and low and behold it arrived on Friday. It was nice to have it in time for the “Snow Flurries” the meteorologists forecasted. The flurries turned into a couple of inches of snow.

Side view of the Evertherm 2.0 coat with front pocket being highlighted.

Front Pocket (media by JC)

Day 1: Wore the coat on a nice little 2-mile walk with my wife. I was cold before I even put on this coat. I started this walk, and I didn’t get any colder. It is essential to say this coat did not magically warm me up either!

Day 2: I came from inside to outside, and I was warm to start. The coat served its function, and it maintained my comfort level.

Day 3: It was frigid on our 3-mile walk. I was more intelligent and used proper gloves and a better hat. The coat was perfect! I even remembered tissues for my nose this time. Glad to have the front jacket pocket (Pictured) for my phone and tissues.

Day 4: Even colder and windier than before, but the coat is an excellent barrier, and I remained warm and comfortable on our 3-mile walk.

Word to the wise, keep your extremities warm if cold out. I don’t care how great a coat you have; if you don’t have a warm head, warm hands, or warm feet, the coat‘s effectiveness will be significantly diminished. The gloves I started with were a joke.

The way I see it, if this guy can wear the Evertherm on Everest, I can most certainly get through winter in Michigan.

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