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Framing Your Old Electronics: The Most Creative Thing I Read About Today!

I absolutely love this idea!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find beauty in electronics. For this reason, this article written by Jason England in Laptop Magazine caught my eye Grid Studio turns the best retro gadgets into awesome wall art: the perfect tech gift.

I will occasionally watch videos from iFixit, which will show the taking apart of electronics to see what makes the new technology tick (see picture below).

the opening of an iPhone 13
Opening iPhone 13 (media by JC)

Grid Studio has taken this a step further, disassembling earlier pieces of technology, framing them, and selling them as pieces of art or nostalgia. In their own words

We select the precious collection of marvellous article, unfold and restore in a collage frame, turn them into a tale of smart phone generation with value of art, the best choice for your collection permanently.

I find this a pretty brilliant idea and one with limitless possibilities. Given the vast amount of electronics available, I am confident consumers will begin sending in requests for various items. Currently, you can choose from several phones, including iPhones, Androids, Nokia, and Blackberry. This has expanded to portable player units like Nintendo’s Game Boy, Sony’s PSP, and even the player controllers. You can now have an Apple Watch framed.

Grid Studio’s biggest obstacle will be the supply of old electronics, and as Jason England states in his article, this is reflected in the price of the frame. Grid Studio has to search for these items, disassemble, and mount the components to create these works of art we hold dear. What better way to reflect on the electronics of yesteryear!

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