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Enjoy the Open Air in an Electric MOKE

Low-Speed Vehicles Never Looked So Good

Have you ever seen a small, quirky four-seater vehicle with a jeep-like design and wondered what it is? Chances are, you have laid your eyes on a MOKE. Originally based on a post-war British jeep, the MOKE has evolved into an iconic and eye-catching little buggy. Call it a cross between a jeep and an electric golf cart. Not only are these vehicles for sale, but the US-based MOKE America has also introduced a rental option called WeMoke. This will make the MOKE even more accessible for anyone seeking a unique driving adventure. In this post, I’m looking to provide you with everything you need to know about the Moke, its features, and the WeMoke rental service.

The first thing to know about the MOKE is that it is a street-legal electric vehicle, also known as a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) or LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle). I am all too familiar with this classification of transportation given the number of previous articles I have written on a few, including this one.

This classification is designed for local transportation and cannot be used on highways or roads with a speed limit above 35 mph. The MOKE runs on a 7.5 kWh electric motor and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. Its top speed is around 25 mph, making it the perfect vehicle to cruise around town in style.

The MOKE can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet, and the battery will recharge within 7 to 8 hours.

The exterior design of the MOKE is unique. It has a low floor height, small wheels, and an open jeep-like design. This airy setup makes it popular in sunny areas and beach communities, making it a perfect vehicle for cruising with friends or family. The MOKE can comfortably accommodate up to four passengers, making it an ideal vehicle for small groups.

The MOKE features a simple yet functional interior design. It has two front seats and a rear bench seat with space to store small items. Need extra space? The back seat can be folded when not needed to keep valuable cargo. The dashboard has a Sevcon onboard diagnostic display that shows the vehicle’s battery life, speed, and other important information.

The MOKE’s compact size makes parking and navigating through tight spots easy.

MOKE America’s WeMoke rental service is an excellent way to experience the Moke if you want to try it before buying. You can rent it for a few hours or days, allowing you to explore your surroundings and make the most out of your adventure. MOKE America offers attractive rental packages for their WeMoke rental service, starting at just $199 per day. You can book your rental online or through their smartphone app, making the experience fast and hassle-free. They will even custom wrap the vehicle for you to celebrate a special occasion.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the MOKE is an iconic and eye-catching little buggy perfect for cruising around town with friends or family. The cost of this little vehicle starts at $22,975 before any optional upgrades. Upgrades like a Bimini top, Bluetooth radio, upgraded rims, or upgraded seats. Looking at the range of offered options, it would be easy to eclipse the $25,000 mark.

The MOKE’s unique design and affordable rental service make it a popular choice amongst EV enthusiasts, technophobes, innovators, auto-lovers, and commuters. With WeMoke, you can experience the thrill of driving the MOKE without owning one. So, what are you waiting for? Get MOKEand create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


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