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Driven Technologies Introduces the Orbit Drive Electric Bike Transmission

The Revolutionary Orbit Drive: The Next Leap in Electric Bike Transmission

Electric bikes are gaining popularity because of their eco-friendliness, lower cost, and convenience. However, the main downside of an ebike is its range and the efficiency of its drive system. In response, a Colorado-based company called Driven Technologies has invented an innovative ebike transmission that guarantees thousands of miles of maintenance-free cycling. The Orbit Drive electric bike transmission (pictured above) is built into the motor housing, can provide regenerative braking, is lighter than most ebike drive systems, saves 30% of the battery, and promises a more efficient and longer-lasting cycling experience. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into this new technology, how it works, its benefits, and what makes the Orbit Drive stand out from other ebike transmission systems in the market today.

Firstly, let me explain how the Orbit Drive functions. Unlike traditional ebike drives that are separate from the motor housing, the Orbit Drive system integrates an orbital gear system inside the motor itself, making it more efficient and lighter.

The outer ring gear is connected to the motor, and the inner gear is connected to the bike's drive, giving the rider more power and speed without the added weight of a traditional gearbox. The compact design ensures that the transmission system requires no maintenance or adjustment, making it more reliable and convenient for everyday cycling.

Another perk of the Orbit Drive is its ability to incorporate into a regenerative braking system. It will use a reverse mode to capture lost energy when decelerating, generating electricity that charges the battery, ultimately saving up to 30% of the battery power. The Orbit Drive, with regenerative braking capability, will offer riders more control during deceleration, enabling smooth, comfortable, and safe braking without wearing out the brake pads.

Additionally, the Orbit Drive electric bike transmission is a revolutionary technology that can help extend the electric bike range. The lightweight design of the motor with the built-in transmission system is less bulky, and less weight equals less power consumption and longer battery life, making it ideal for long-distance cycling. With the Orbit Drive, you can go further and faster on your ebike while minimizing the need for maintenance, making it an excellent investment for anyone who wants to explore miles of terrain with the comfort of an electric motor.

The Orbit Drive boasts several benefits, distinguishing it from other ebike transmissions on the market. Its lack of gears makes it virtually silent, providing a smoother ride compared to traditional transmissions. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it ideal for almost any type of biking. Another advantage of the Orbit Drive casing is that it provides an extra layer of protection for your bike, shielding it from any potential damage to the transmission system.

Lastly, the Orbit Drive is built to last, which makes investing in one a wise decision for any cyclist. Its innovative design ensures maximum efficiency, reducing wear and tear on the transmission system and increasing the bike's lifespan. Besides, the low maintenance feature is due to the absence of chains and more moving parts, protecting the system from damage caused by friction and heat.


The Orbit Drive offers a groundbreaking technology that is changing the ebike industry. Integrating the gear system directly into the motor creates a lighter, more efficient, and maintenance-free ride that is energy-saving and eco-friendly. Additionally, the Orbital Drive system has several advantages, including noise reduction, extended range, lighter on the battery, and an additional protective layer for the bike. A trio of variations will be available to bike manufacturers who incorporate the Driven Orbit system into their bike ecosystem— A chain drive, belt drive, or a Direct Drive that uses a shaft to deliver power from the drive to the back wheel. The Direct-Drive is expected to be the most energy-efficient.

So, whether you are a cyclist, electric vehicle enthusiast, or just a technophobe, the Orbit Drive is a suitable investment and change towards eco-friendly modes of transportation. It's worth considering if you want to take your cycling experience to a new level and enjoy the benefits of a revolutionary ebike transmission system.

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