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District Scrambler: The Most Versatile Electric 2-Wheeler On The Market

Land Energy Introduces an All-In-One Vehicle

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore and experience the world around you? How about someone who appreciates motorbikes or is looking for a way to get to work in style? Cleveland, Ohio-based Land Energy has released its latest bike, the District Scrambler. It’s an all-in-one bike that can also be transformed into an electric bike, moped, motorcycle, and performance motorcycle with the touch of a button. Let’s take a look!

The Basics of the Scrambler At its core, the Scrambler is a striking bike made by Land Energy. It has four modes — eBike, eMoped, eMotorcycle, and eMotorcycle Performance— each capped at speeds starting at 27mph, 37mph, and exceeding 70mph, respectively. Each mode is powered by a 17kW Peak Power DC brushless motor and features a removable battery for easy storage and charging.

Its frame is lightweight yet sturdy, making it perfect for city streets and dirt roads. The bike also features front and rear hydraulic brakes for quick stopping power and adjustable air shock suspension for pesky bumps along your journey.

Creating Your Dream Bike with Unlock Access Things get really interesting when you use the various modes to unlock access for more power, allowing you to reach speeds over 70 mph. This enables you to customize your ride according to your needs making it street-legal or pushing the envelope. Whether you want it to be your daily commuter or weekend warrior, the District has you covered!

Customization: The District Scrambler from Cleveland brand Land Energy is one of the most versatile bikes I have seen today. That being said, it comes with a starting price of $7,800. Starting price because this amount can quickly rise with the customization capability. Start by choosing from the three available colors, carbon black, seafoam green, and lunar gray. The included 72-volt core battery has a range of 40 miles but can be upgraded to double or even triple your capabilities (120 miles) while increasing the vehicle’s weight. The batteries, weights, and ranges are pictured below.

The tailoring of the bike to be a street-legal bike or more of an off-roader will also affect your pricing structure. Not to worry, there is the option of adding a street-legal headlight for night riding.

With the available options, shipping, and taxes, you can expect to pay somewhere north of $10,000 for the District Scrambler.

Conclusion: The District Scramblers' simple yet powerful design can easily switch between all four modes of transportation. If you are looking for a means of transport that checks off several boxes, this two-wheeler stands in a class of its own. Whether you want it as your daily commuter or weekend warrior companion -the District has you covered! Early adopters rejoice — adventures await!


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