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Apex AP-O: This Electric Sportscar Defines Lightweight!

Introducing the Future of Electric Performance

The electric car revolution has been gaining momentum for years, and one company is not about to be left behind. Introducing the AP-0 — a high-performance electric two-seater from British sports car maker Apex. With an impressive spec sheet and an incredibly light weight, this car promises to usher in a new era of electric performance. Let’s take a closer look at the AP-0.

The Powerhouse Under the Hood The AP-0 packs an impressive punch with 649 horsepower and 0–62 in 2.3 seconds. Its electronically limited top speed is 190 MPH, but its powerband makes it more than capable of reaching those speeds quickly and efficiently. This kind of power requires some serious battery technology — luckily, the AP-0 has that covered too. The 90 kWh battery boasts up to 320 miles of range on a full charge — enough for a few track days or a weekend getaway if you’re feeling adventurous! The fast charging capability from 0 to 80% within 15 minutes is even better.

Weight Matters Perhaps the most impressive feature of the AP-0 is its incredibly low weight — at only 2,645 pounds, it’s lighter than many of its competitors like Ferrari and McLaren! Much of this can be attributed to the carbon fiber tub the entire vehicle is built around. Couple this with the carbon fiber body panels the tub is wrapped in, and the included carbon fiber wheels, making this one nimble machine. It delivers incredible agility without sacrificing performance power or speed capabilities. Thanks to this light weight, drivers can experience greater responsiveness within the powerband while still enjoying all that this car has to offer!

Design Meets Performance The design aspect of this car was handled by Guy Colborne, who took inspiration from modern and classic sports cars when creating the sleek lines and curves of the exterior. Including a fin off the vehicle’s roof helps stabilize the car at high speeds. Inside, drivers will find a luxurious but sparse interior with leather bucket seats and a digital dashboard display for easy access to all your essential information during each drive. All these features combined make for an unforgettable driving experience no matter where you decide to take your ride!

Incorporating Technology The Apex AP-0 is full of technology as the body fin at the vehicle’s top houses a Lidar sensor.

The inclusion of Lidar technology enables level III autonomous driving, which includes auto braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist. Higher levels of autonomy can be activated later in future updates.

Apex Motors also mentions including a holographic AR (Alternate Reality) display within the vehicle, but these details still need to be finalized.

Conclusion: The Apex AP-0 is setting a new standard for electric performance cars everywhere. With its impressive specs, lightweight frame, and stylish design elements, this car offers drivers an unparalleled experience on track days and regular drives. Now for the bad news, price! Production on this vehicle began in late 2022, and deliveries are expected to start in the second quarter of 2023. Reservations are being accepted to the tune of $1000 to keep your place in line. The Apex AP-0 is expected to exceed $195,000 in total cost.

Whether you’re looking for something to take on your next adventure or want an eye-catching vehicle that won’t break the bank on gas money — look no further than Apex’s latest offering!


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