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Your Next Cycling Trip Should Include These Items!

Be Prepared For Your Next Biking Excursion!

A line-up of bikes parked in an open field in the wilderness.
Outdoor Biking

I am sure there are many items you can bring on a bike trip, and indeed, the list can be altered based on who you have accompanying you. If my young kids are on the journey, we pack a little heavier, expanding our essential list. For the sake of this article, we will keep this list to the bare minimum as these I consider must-have items.

Starting with safety, my first most important item is my helmet. Now that I am in the electric bike game, I am hitting speeds my previous non-electric bike has never achieved. It is just a matter of time before I end up on someone’s windshield! I settled upon this item from Smart4U with built-in brake light.

A side view of the Smart4U Bike Helmet with brake light lit up.
Smart4U Commuter Bike Helmet

As mentioned before, depending on who is on this little “bike ride” depends on what I bring. In most cases, this backpack cooler is worth its weight in gold (or beverages, as it were). It allows me to bring food and drinks internally, extras like keys, a wallet, and possibly a portable speaker. I invested in this offering from Lifetouch (No longer available).

A hand holding the Lifeproof Backpack Cooler.
Lifeproof Backpack Cooler (media by JC)

I can vouch there are a million good backpack coolers for purchase. Find one that is comfortable and well padded in the strap area, as it will make for a much more enjoyable ride. For the category of just in case, it is best to have a set of tools and a bike pump. If you are like me, you might like something automatic/battery-powered. This pump has come in handy on numerous occasions, including the slow leak in my car’s tire. You set the desired tire pressure, and the unit will not exceed this. The internal battery will ensure enough juice for multiple jobs.

A battery powered pump with LED display for accurate pressure readings before and after.
Battery Powered Pump (media by JC)

No trip would be complete without recording this on my fitness tracker, my apple watch. I have touted this little sensation in previous articles.

With my watch comes the need to bring my phone with me as my guide and an additional heads-up display. We needed a few of these bike phone holders to hold the phone securely. The elastic bands fasten the phone in place without moving.

A visual of the simple bike phone holder with elastic straps to secure your phone.
Bike Phone Holder (media by JC)

Naturally, any good bike trip involves many “tunes”! If you want to entertain a group, you can do no wrong with the JBL Flip 5 line of speakers. Available in a plethora of colors, they are very portable and competent, as I have described in this article:

If you aren’t looking to share your music with the outside world yet still wish to hear the outside world without getting yourself creamed by oncoming traffic, this is the way. Purchase a pair of bone conduction headphones from Shokz.

These are items I bring on most of my bike trips. I am interested in seeing if there are other items out there people might deem essential, and I may expand this list. The important thing is to get out there and utilize this beautiful weather while we still have it!


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