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Yesterday was my Mother’s Birthday

She was not a hunter!

November 15th is a date I will never forget as it is my mother’s birthday. It is also the opening season for firearms for deer hunting—an excellent way to remember your mother’s birthday and deer hunting all in one. I believe she was just as excited to let everyone know of the connection.

A picture of a full size buck (deer).

November 15th Firearm Season (Deer)

I am not a hunter, but it always helped me to remember her birthday just the same. She has been gone for over three years now, and I often find myself trying to connect myself to her more. As I had written in an earlier piece, no pun intended, her favorite cake was Tomato Soup Cake. The other day I took it upon myself to make this dessert to see if I could replicate my grandmother’s recipe, even though I didn’t have the “exact one.” While it did come out tasty, it was not as I remembered, and I am afraid I will never be able to replicate it. Oh well, I can keep on trying.

As has become customary, I sent my mother a birthday greeting on her secondary Facebook page. For some reason, she had another Facebook page with just a few followers, including me. I view it as our private conversation outside her busier Facebook page. Is it somewhat ridiculous to do this? Yes, but I find it to be a good outlet. I find I am the only contributor and the only comments come from me.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

A novelty birthday cake.

Humor Cake

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