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We Bake to Remember Loved Ones!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

They Live on Through Baked Goods!

A plethora of beautiful baked goods (cakes).

Various Cakes (media by Jeff Clos)

A funny, almost coincidental, thing happened between my wife and me the other day. We both came home from two separate shopping trips with similar items. I must say this happens frequently but what does not happen frequently is the reason. She and I both had thoughts of our departed mothers and ingredients for our mother’s favorite desserts within our bags.

The unusual thing wasn’t so much we were going to bake our mothers’ favorite items, but it was intriguing we had done this on the same day. Almost as if they were reaching out to us, if you believe in that sort of thing. I am a little more pragmatic in my line of thinking. My mother’s birthday is coming up early next week, and my sister and I had recently talked about her favorite cake, which happened to be Tomato Soup Cake. My wife is still going through the grieving process as her mother’s passing was relatively recent.

German Chocolate Cake (media by JC)

My discussion with my sister immediately brought back memories of my mother and grandmother, who would bake her favorite cake. I remember how excited my sister and I were when we knew Grandma was arriving to celebrate the birthday and how tasty this spice cake was. It was something we looked forward to every year. Grandma was one heck of a baker! Then it got me thinking about the other baked goods she made and whether those recipes were still floating out there within the family. She also made one heck of a German Chocolate Cake!

Apple Pies (media by JC)

My wife’s mother was known for quite a few baked goods, not the least of which was her homemade apple pies. The apples came directly from the trees; they picked them from outside their house. She made the pie crusts from scratch, and my kids raved about them. Don’t get them started on the cookie dough, as it never seemed to make it from the bowl to the oven. I can still hear her barking at the kids for their snakelike thievery. These were all good memories, and they were all linked to the simple practice of baking.

Although we have pictures and videos of our times together, we bake to remember these women. Whether it be the simple rolls, cakes, muffins, cookies, or pies, there is something to be said of trying to replicate their recipes. In a way, it’s like being with them, even for a short time. Sharing these desserts with the people that knew them well gets the memory train going.

Now my next task is to locate my grandmother’s recipes!

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