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This Electric Vehicle is a Go-Kart Scooter Hybrid!

Updated: Aug 15

Fiido's Go-Kart/Scooter is Yet Another Developing Market Segment!

I have written about several electric vehicles, including one such scooter that can travel more than 63 MPH.

How Fast is Too Fast? E-Scooters I Introduce you to the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

I haven’t written about a scooter segment that hovers along the GO-Kart part. The FIIDO Beast, available for August pre-order, promises to perform like a typical off-road scooter, with the option to sit low-to-ground with included short seat. In essence, it is a sit-down/stand-up scooter/go-kart hybrid. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can jump on the bandwagon and get a pre-order special of $200 off, bringing the total of this unit from $2399 to $2199 before taxes.

When in the stand-up scooter position, the handlebars are fully upright, and when used in the seated position, the handles can be adjusted down towards the rider for optimum control when sitting this low. Two pegs can be folded into place to ensure resting areas for your feet. With a maximum speed of 30 mph, the dual drive 1300 watt motor is designed to take on the most demanding off-road situations, including hills and other steep climbs. The beefy front and back suspension system will ensure the ride is as smooth as possible.

A close-up view of the rear suspension existing in the Fiido Beast.
Beefed Up Suspension (media by JC)

The battery is a whopper at 1536 watt-hours and sits within the foot deck. You can expect a maximum range of 62mph using single drive mode. Expect closer to 40mph using dual-drive mode. This all depends on how taxing a ride is, how hot/cold the climate is and how fast you are riding. In either case, this is a big battery feeding a robust motor, and you will be forgiven for riding the throttle on this one.

Also of note, this lovely hybrid weighs no less than 80 lbs. Any time you pack a unit with dual suspension, large battery, dual motors, off-road tires, hydraulic braking system, keyless entry system, HD display, and front and rear lighting, you will get a heavy ride. Don’t worry; the unit has a kickstand to ensure no accidental fall-overs when parked.

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