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These Doors are Straight From Star Trek!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

A company called WAAY has brought excitement back to doors

Star Trek Closing Doors

It’s good to see certain advancements made in the world of “pocket” doors. Although not a new concept by any means, WAAY Home LLC has brought automation to the pocket door. I have seen quite a few advancements made regarding sliding patio doors, but it was a little refreshing to see something new in this particular market.

Their Features as advertised for the automatic pocket door:

Fast, Touch-free operation ( the real feature is the hand wave to open and close the unit)
Emergency Stop when object is detected (We wouldn’t want to crush anyone)
Remote Control along with Built-In WiFi (Naturally)
Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (Of course as this seems to be a must nowadays)
Can be controlled with Android or iPhone App (we would expect nothing less)
Fast and easy to assemble (Not entirely sold on this statement)
Once installed, can easily be serviced without removing drywall or trim (Again, see above)

Simple Door Entry

Expect to pay $2500 at the time of this writing for the system itself. The consumer will need to supply the door. With no real sense of when it might be available, I signed up on their website for updates as I am sure they are still working out all of the kinks. It will be interesting to see how they accommodate pets, young kids, and any other curveballs thrown at them. I am also anxious to see if the pricing fluctuates.

Take a look at the video below and share your feedback or comments. I wish this company well, but it looks like they have a long road to travel before we hit the mainstream.

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