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The SCORKL 2.0 Provides Underwater Breathing For Ten Minutes

Get Ready to Experience Underwater Breathing Freedom With the SCORKL 2.0

Exploring the underwater world is a breathtaking experience that many of us wish to have. Personally, I get a kick out of exploring coral reefs while snorkeling. The magnificent marine life and vibrant colors beneath the waves are incomparable to anything else you’ve ever seen. However, traditional snorkeling and diving equipment can be bulky, heavy, and expensive, making it difficult for some to enjoy exploring the depths of the ocean. But now, you can get ready to explore underwater for up to 10 minutes with SCORKL 2.0, the revolutionary snorkeling device that makes breathing underwater easy.

The SCORKL 2.0 underwater breathing device is innovative and lightweight, allowing you to explore the underwater world without cumbersome equipment. Coming in at $199 per cylinder, it hangs comfortably from your mouth and is designed to provide you with up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted breathing while diving. The SCORKL is easy to use and requires no certification, making it the perfect device for snorkelers, beginners, and even experienced divers.

What sets the SCORKL apart from other products is its refillable air capacity. Once you run out of air, you need to refill it with a specially designed high-pressure hand pump or opt for the newest optional add-on electric compressor. This is not just any air compressor as you now can replace this large bulky compressor:

With the SCORKL’s latest offering, which is not only smaller but lighter.

The new SCORKL compressor can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, car charger, or car battery for endless refills at the touch of a button.

This portable compressor (above) is an available option and can be purchased for $750. With the inclusion of the compressor, the SCORKL cylinders can be refilled up to 200 bar (3,000psi), which gives you plenty of air to enjoy the underwater world for those welcome 10 minutes. Not enough time? Keep additional cylinders at the ready for an additional $199 per unit. What’s more, the air filled into the cylinder is Grade E scuba quality. The compressor’s air is channeled through a filtration system to provide the highest quality.

SCORKL decided to take the portability up another notch with the optional battery pack bringing true off-grid capability to the package.

The absence of an available power source is no longer an issue with the optional battery pack at $199. SCORKL made the battery pack compatible with typical 18V batteries used on power equipment from manufacturers like BOSCH, Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee.

With the ability to use two 18V (5AH) power tool batteries, the battery pack can refill a SCORKL cylinder 4 to 5 times over the course of one hour. Each cylinder takes about 10 minutes to achieve capacity.

Besides its portability, lightness, and refillable air capacity, the SCORKL equipment is also travel-ready. The devices are designed to be compact, and you can easily disassemble the cylinders by unscrewing the regulators from the top. This makes them convenient to take with you on trips and vacations, and you’ll never have to worry about renting expensive diving equipment again.

The SCORKL 2.0 is an innovative and cost-effective way to enjoy underwater exploration. If you are looking to purchase a cylinder, the compressor, and the battery pack you can get the entire package for the early bird price of $1,147 here. Whether you’re a snorkeler, diver, or just someone who loves to explore the ocean, this device is perfect for you. It’s suitable for people of all ages, and you can even share your SCORKL with friends and family members.


The SCORKL 2.0 underwater breathing device allows you to explore the ocean and experience marine life like never before. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making it suitable for anyone who wants to explore the underwater world. With up to ten minutes of air supply and a refilling capacity of up to 200 bar, you can enjoy endless underwater adventures without worrying about running out of air or dealing with bulky equipment. The SCORKL is a game-changer for underwater enthusiasts and guarantees to offer an unforgettable experience.


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