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The Lilium Jet: First eVTOL Jet

This is What the Future of Air Travel Looks Like

German manufacturer Lilium has announced their latest innovation in aviation: the electric vertical take-off and landing jet, or eVTOL. This game-changing aircraft promises to be more versatile and efficient than anything that has come before, with a range of configurations to suit any need. Whether you’re looking for a private luxury jet or a efficient way to travel with six of your friends, the Lilium Jet is sure to revolutionize the way you fly. Read on to learn more about this exciting new development in aviation technology.

The Lilium Jet is powered by 36 electric motors integrated into the wing flaps that enable it to take off and land vertically, eliminating the need for a runway. This makes it perfect for shorter trips where time is of the essence, as well as for journey’s to remote or difficult-to-reach locations. This proprietary technology is the foundation of the Lilium Jet and is called Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT) illustrated below.

The aircraft can reach speeds of up to 186 mph, making it one of the fastest ways to travel short distances. And because it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, it’s also much more environmentally friendly and quiet than traditional planes.

One of the most exciting features of the Lilium Jet is its cabins, which can be customized to suit any need. The most spacious cabin arrangement features luxurious club seating, perfect for private flights.

Alternatively, the cabin can be configured with 6 seats for more efficient use of space.

Whichever configuration you choose, you’ll enjoy unrivaled comfort and style while you soar through the skies.

Lilium was established in 2015 and now boasts a workforce exceeding 800 strong from 6 continents. What this means is they have the brightest minds amongst 58 nationalities. In Lilium’s own words:

we’ve got the drive and expertise to make electric flight a reality.

Conclusion: The Lilium Jet is set to change the way we think about air travel. With its vertical take-off and landing capabilities, versatile cabin configurations, and high speed, it’s poised to revolutionize both private and commercial aviation. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge flying experience, the Lilium Jet is sure to exceed your expectations.


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