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The Cruiser and Roamer: Electric Mobility Solutions for the Disabled

Enhancing our Need to Get From Point A to B

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Mobility is an essential aspect of a person’s life. For senior citizens and people with disabilities, walking even a short distance can be painful or impossible. This is where mobility solutions come in, assisting these individuals so they can move around with ease. Los Angeles-based mobility firm, Reyhee recently introduced two new products designed to make mobility accessible to those with difficulty walking. These products, the Cruiser and the Roamer are FDA-cleared medical-grade electric vehicles that promise long-lasting mobility solutions. Let’s explore how they can help senior citizens and those with disabilities.

The Cruiser is a classic scooter with a lightweight, compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. This scooter features a removable battery pack, which means you can easily swap it out or charge it on board, ensuring you can keep your scooter running non-stop. The Cruiser also boasts flippable armrests, making it easy and safe to get on and off. The scooter is also fitted with lights, which makes it safe to use at night. I want to caution you from taking this onto the open road, given this vehicle has a top speed of only 3.75mph.

The Cruiser can provide a total range of 15 miles based on a complete charge cycle. To ensure the rider's safety, Reyhee has included electro-mechanical brakes with regenerative capacity to restore power to the battery. Another safety precaution is incorporating two additional wheels as insurance against tipping the vehicle. These anti-tipping wheels are located behind the two rear tires.

The Roamer, on the other hand, is a wheelchair designed with mobility and comfort in mind.

The Roamer features a lightweight frame, making it easy to navigate, especially when indoors. The Roamer also has a removable battery, which ensures it can be used for long periods. The wheelchair has removable footrests, making getting in and out of the chair easier. The Roamer also has a collapsible backrest, meaning you can fold it in half and take it wherever you go.

Its adjustable armrests provide added comfort, and even a pouch is placed behind the backrest to store valuables during travel.

The Cruiser and the Roamer are FDA approved for medical use, which means they meet strict health and safety standards. They are also easily customizable, with different accessories and colors available to suit individuals’ needs and preferences. These scooters are practical for those who find walking challenging and helpful in the rehabilitation process, such as post-surgery.


With the introduction of the Cruiser and the Roamer, Reyhee has provided a solution that makes mobility accessible for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The Cruiser comes in at $999 and is available on the Reyhee website or Amazon. You can purchase the Roamer directly from Reyhee. Each vehicle comes in four colors to impress.

These two products were designed to ensure that anyone with difficulty walking can get around independently. They are safe, practical, and durable, making them dependable for long-term use. Being FDA-approved means they are certified medical equipment, which implies Reyhee is committed to the highest quality and consistency in their products. So if you are struggling with mobility challenges, try the Cruiser or the Roamer and experience the freedom to move around easily. If you are looking for something a little more adventurous to conquer the outdoors, you might want to take a look at this:

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