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The Bako B1 Worker Electric Three-Wheeled Vehicle: How Will It Impact Urban Transport and Delivery?

The Bako B1 Worker Electric Vehicle is Last Mile Delivery With a Solar Boost

The Bako B1 Worker isn’t your run-of-the-mill vehicle. At a modest €4000 (4,276 USD) price tag, this electric trike is turning heads not just for its unique design, reminiscent of some of the rickshaws on the bustling streets of Asia, but for its sustainability edge and unrivaled efficiency in urban settings. In a world where transportation is at a crucial crossroads, the B1 offers a compelling solution for eco-conscious consumers, urban delivery services, and anyone seeking a greener ride while caring for practical needs.

The Rise of Sustainable Transport

The global conversation has shifted dramatically towards sustainable options in every sector, with transport being no exception. The push for greener alternatives is not simply a fad but a growing cultural movement reshaping how consumers, businesses, and governments approach mobility. Electric vehicles (EVs) have played a significant role in this transformation, and models like the Bako B1 Worker, tailored for city living, are carving out a niche in the paradigm shift to sustainable transport.

This is never more apparent than including the large roof-top solar panels included with the Bako Worker B1. The company estimates that up to 17,500 kilometers (10,874 miles) alone can be achieved annually from solar energy based on southern Europe's climate.

The Environmental Impact

The Bako B1 Worker boasts impressive credentials regarding reducing the carbon footprint. With its all-electric 3000W engine, the vehicle produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air quality and fewer environmental pollutants. This initiative towards a greener planet is instrumental, particularly when city landscapes globally grapple with air pollution challenges. The cumulative impact of B1s on cityscapes could be profound, setting new benchmarks in urban environmental stewardship.

Practical Applications

Despite its unassuming size, the B1 is a workhorse in the city. Its electric motor, capable of carrying significant loads, or up to 300kg (661 lbs), makes it a formidable contender for last-mile deliveries and a versatile option for personal transport. With room for a passenger, its compact design and navigability through narrow urban alleys further enhance its appeal for delivery services, providing access that other vehicles can’t match. The B1 offers a safe and sustainable means of everyday transport for individuals, efficiently catering to errands and commutes.

Cost Efficiency

Beyond environmental impact, the B1 makes a compelling case for cost-saving. With nominal operational costs compared to traditional vehicles, the B1 can save businesses and consumers substantial fuel expenses over its lifetime. As fuel prices fluctuate and EV infrastructure continues to develop, the long-term financial benefits of the B1 are increasingly attractive. The vehicle’s low maintenance requirements add another financial advantage, promising a lean expense profile for its users.

Additional Features

Based on the extended battery, this trike's proposed range is up to 150km (93 miles). It can be charged within 6 hours using a standard outlet but can be significantly reduced (3 hours) with its fast charging capability. With a maximum speed of 45km/h (28mph), you should have no issues keeping up with typical small-town driving. (You will be passed frequently)

If you want to splurge a little on additional options, you will be happy to know that A/C is available for that hot summer day. You can also opt for the entertainment system, GPS, and a possible rear camera.

The Future of Urban Transport With the Bako B1 Worker Electric Vehicle

With its unique design, the Bako B1 hints at a direction urban transport could take in the coming years. It presents an alternative to the dominant car culture, suggesting that specialized, eco-friendly vehicles could answer specific city transportation needs. The B1 symbolizes a more significant shift towards comprehensive transit systems that mix public transportation, shared mobility, and personal EVs, all underpinned by sustainability.


The Bako B1 Worker is more than just a vehicle; it’s a statement. In a world increasingly shaped by the need for sustainability, this electric trike vehicle is at the forefront, exemplifying how eco-friendliness and efficiency coexist. Whether you’re an individual looking for a reliable personal ride or a business seeking to streamline your delivery services, the Bako B1 promises to be a game-changer. It stands as a beacon for the future of urban mobility, urging us to consider the environment without compromising on practicality or fun.


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