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The Art of Recycling Trees-Welcome to “Treecycling”!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

What should we do with these holiday trees?

I wrote an article discussing renting Christmas trees.

If you weren’t one of these consumers who rented their tree, you have a real “holiday” tree that needs to be recycled. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options.

Keep in mind a real cut tree is biodegradable and will break down and return to nature. If your house backs up to a lovely forest, you have an immediate outlet for your tree. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be near a wooded area and can take the tree out back for decomposition.

Photo by Maja R. on Unsplash

If you have a private pond, you can submerge the tree to provide nice hiding spots for the fish; if it is a public pond, you will have to obtain permission to do so. Again, not everyone has access to a wooded area or a pond. For these consumers, it is best to look for a recycling center within your county/city. In most cases, the recycling center will accept up to two trees at no charge.

Regular Holiday tree curbside collection generally allows tree pick up the first two weeks of January. As usual, check with your City for the latest guidelines. Typically, some stipulations need to be adhered to(i.e., tied branches, certain weight limits, the height of the tree, no ornaments, no bags .etc). You may have to cut your tree in half should it not fall within the height restriction.

If you feel creative or industrious, you could learn from this little article in the art of repurposing your tree.

The key is to take advantage of the “treecycling” programs within your area. The goal should be to reduce the number of trees in landfills. Recycling the trees generally involves turning them into mulch and using it within the community. Some communities will provide free mulch to their residents in the Spring with proof of residency.

Next year, you may want to rent your tree.

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