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The Anod Hybrid Bike is the Latest Electric Bike To Use Supercapacitors

Introducing the Anod Hybrid or "Tribrid" Electric Bike

In a world where urban mobility is paramount, pedal-assist e-bikes have emerged as the unsung heroes of efficient commuting. These electric wonders synergize human effort with electric motors to create an effortless riding experience. Yet, innovation never sleeps, and the Anod Hybrid bike is proof. It's not just a hybrid; it's what we might call a '‘tribrid'’ — a game-changing convergence of pedal power, battery, and now, supercapacitors.


The bustling streets of urban landscapes demand swift, sustainable commuting solutions. Pedal-assist e-bikes have been fitting the bill, but as energy efficiency and more intelligent systems take center stage, the evolving narrative welcomes the tribrid technology. There is a lot to unpack with this new bike introduction. Let's explore how Anod takes up the mantle, pushing the enveloping boundaries of electric bicycling.

The Anod Hybrid Bike

Introduction to the Anod Hybrid Bike

The Anod Hybrid Bike is not just an addition to the ever-growing ebike market. It's a statement — a bold one at that — ushering in an era where your bike charges as swiftly as your smartphone.

Description of the Tri-brid Technology

Tri-brid technology isn't about reinventing the wheel but more so rethinking what drives it. The Anod Hybrid Bike pairs a conventional battery-driven motor with a unique addition: supercapacitors.

This powerhouse feeds off quick-charging technology and dispenses energy efficiently and quickly, if needed, throughout your ride.

Benefits of the Multi-source Power Management System

This innovative power management system redefines resourcefulness in electric commuting. It's about optimizing energy usage, ensuring power is there when needed, without the carry-along bulk. You begin the ride with a smaller-than-typical 80Wh battery with a possible range of 43 miles.

Enhanced Electric Power

Quick-charging Capabilities

Gone are the days of long charging windows eating into your time. With the Anod Hybrid, the small battery can be removed and charged to full through any USB-C charger within 60–70 minutes. With time as a non-negotiable commodity, the Anod's reduced charging time means more road beneath your wheels and less wall-hugging waiting for a fill-up.

Comparison to Traditional Battery-powered Ebikes

Compared to conventional e-bike batteries, Anod's design is featherweight, opting for agility over size without sacrificing energy capacity.

Compact Design

When talking about size, the Anod's battery is as non-intimidating as the portable power bank you carry around for your phone. It's a significant shift towards greater convenience and an answer to the commuter's prayer for lightweight electric solutions.

Distribution of Electrical Power During the Ride

An intricate dance of power distribution underpins every journey. The system smartly discharges electricity from the supercapacitors, smoothing out the peaks and valleys of your ride's power needs. Also, when the user engages the Anod's hydraulic disc brakes, the bike's energy recovery comes into play. In the company's own words

Improved Range and Efficiency

The Anod Hybrid Bike stretches the limits of what a single charge can cover. It squeezes out every joule, every pedal, every mile, ensuring you go farther with less.

Additional Features

A welcome feature, as always, is the belt drive system that lends itself to low maintenance (never needing oiling) and extreme quiet. I highly recommend a bike with a belt as opposed to a chain.

What commuter bike would be complete without including front and rear lighting? Rest assured, you will be seen at night with these bright lights.

The bike is also application-driven, can be unlocked and geolocated, and has an anti-theft system.

Conclusion and Takeaways

The Anod Hybrid Bike shapes the future of urban commuting without being too futuristic. It's here, it's now, and it's ready to revolutionize the ebike industry. The company plans to begin shipping during the second quarter of 2024 with an MSRP of $3,800.

I am intrigued by the bike's use of power. I am used to seeing bikes compete with one another using larger batteries and motors, all while getting heavier and heavier. It is refreshing to see a bike cut down on battery size and utilize another form of technology while not compromising what drives the bike: the human factor. In doing so, a bike comes in at 20kg or 44lbs. Trust me when I say 44lbs is very light for a bike of this size.

As consumers, enthusiasts, and city navigators, the Anod inspires us to envision a lifestyle punctuated with smarter commuting choices. A place where electric bikes were once a niche thread in the tapestry of public transport, the Anod Hybrid positions itself as a central strand in the ongoing transformation of urban mobility. As more and more bikes look to incorporate different technologies, such as supercapacitors, get ready to pedal into the future!


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