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Sunreef Yachts Introduces a New Eco-Friendly Luxury Catamaran

Updated: May 2, 2023

Meet The 55 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef announced an innovative new layout for a vessel in the popular Eco range of all-electric sailing catamarans. The latest offering is a hybrid yacht called the 55 Open Sunreef Power. The 55-footer offers a perfect blend of “speed, stability, and luxury,” as quoted by Sunreef Yachts.

The first question I had was, “What is so special about Sunreef’s Eco Line?’. I dug a little further and found out their Eco line includes a host of features, including, but not limited to, cutting-edge electric propulsion powered by the industry's lightest batteries. Considering the state of today’s environmental landscape, they use naturally-sourced sustainable materials to build their Eco yachts. To ensure a pleasant boating experience, they install an intelligent energy management system into each watercraft. This is especially handy with the patent-pending composite solar skin produced in-house and applied to each vessel.

The standout features include a vast semi-open saloon. For those not in the know, a saloon is a spacious entertaining area located in the cabin area (I had to look this up). This beautiful yacht also has a spacious walk-around deck and two folding platforms aft (illustrated below).

The power yacht is perfect for a few nights out on the open water, whether a day cruise down to Key West, Florida or out on the coast of California. So where will this sure-to-be pricey model be built? Where else but Sunreef’s new shipyard in the United Arab Emirates, the home of “bigger is better”?

The power yacht also has a flybridge helm station, which allows for better visibility for the boat’s Captain while underway. The 55 Open Sunreef Power is perfect for travelers who want to explore new areas without worrying about finding a place to dock or moor their vessel. It is equipped with ample storage for an additional watercraft in the aft (pictured below). You can anchor offshore and venture back and forth with your smaller water vessel.

The catamaran can accommodate up to 10 guests as the cabin area can be configured and customized. Here are a few examples of the below deck set-up:

The above layout allows for one Master Cabin setup, which engulfs a good portion of the yacht's port side. It is comprised of a large bathroom, entertaining area, and bedroom. There are two additional guest cabins on the starboard side.

The above layout provides more accommodations for guests with an additional bedroom. The space is divided up evenly between the port and starboard sides. Make a note in both configurations, there is a dedicated crew cabin, as you need someone responsible for steering this ship.

Conclusion: The 55 Open Sunreef Power is the latest vessel in Sunreef’s Eco range of all-electric sailing catamarans. Continuing Sunreef’s eco-friendly legacy, the multihull is equipped with the yard’s signature solar panels that are fully integrated into the composite bodywork and the lightest batteries in the industry for cleaner, more efficient cruising. She will also be finished in various responsibly sourced or recycled materials. If you are looking for an adventure on the high seas, this is the vessel for you!


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