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Should I Fill These Rooms?

Not Sure Where to Begin!

I have two rooms in my house that are nearly empty save for the Roomba in the corner. They say you can only live in so many rooms within your house, and for the most part, I agree. We spend 99% of our time in the kitchen and the living room. It is for this reason, these rooms have stayed empty since May. The rooms in question are the formal dining room and the front room directly adjacent to the main entry door. While these are considered two separate rooms, there is nothing to separate them save for wall colors.

A mostly empty room, with a weird greenish wall color.

Formal Dining Room

My wife and I have already decided the wall color in the dining room must go. We have yet to determine the new color, but the current color is less than ideal. With that will come window treatments. What we can’t decide on is what type of table and chairs to place in this area. I envision a large area rug under a table, possibly a trestle? In any case, I would want a table to be able to seat eight individuals. The next question would be the color of the table. It would be nice to offset the darkness of the floor.

A nicely, proportioned room with many windows.

Front Room

With this room, I am completely lost on what to do. Something tells me it would be nice to sit in the bay window area on some chair(s). We also have large windows to the left which gaze upon our neighbor’s house. There is also very little light in this room, so we would have to add some lighting.

Perhaps I need to hire an interior designer, but good luck getting anyone at this point.

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